Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Thoughts for now and the end-of-the-year

I've worked as Executive Secretary in schools for over 35 years and I've seen holidays and Teacher Appreciation days come and go.  Some parents/kids give and some don't. Some create a big splash and some give a couple of cookies. Some teachers (favorites, most liked, etc.) get lots of stuff. Some get nothing. Elementary teachers really bring in the loot. High school less so.  Lots of "teacher" items such as cute little apples to put on the desk."I love my teacher" items in every shape and variety. Mugs of every size and description. Gifts appropriate and gifts inappropriate.

So what kind of gift REALLY is a winner?  First of all, if your child is young and WANTS to do something for his/her teacher, let the child help you decide. Mommy shouldn't be trying to win points of favor for her child with a nice gift.  It gives the wrong message to the child, the teacher, and the school (plus the other kids and their mommies). So child involvement is good.

Most teachers have "stuff" in abundance. But if you really feel that a special mug is the thing to give. Then by all means give it.

Knowing that teachers are people with needs, likes, dislikes, wants, etc. it is nice to think about some of the following:
  1. Grocery store gift card
  2. Department store gift card
  3. Walmart gift card
  4. Starbucks or Caribou (or similar) coffee shop gift card (teachers love their coffee - hot, frappe, etc)
  5. Gift card to Office Depot (or other) so they can restock teacher supplies
  6. Gift card to eat out
  7. A basket of fruit (child can help you decorate a box and use it instead of a basket).
  8. That mug we talked about? Why not put some instant speciality hot chocolate, a couple of nice tea bags, and wrap 2 or 3 home made cookies and place them in it, too? If you have several teachers you're remembering, you can do this for each and every one.
  9. Want to give a feminine item such as lotion? Well, why not opt for some nice foot cream that really refreshes those tired feet? (I personally like the Yves Roche Lavendar foot cream.)
Anyway, in case you wanted ideas, there are a few.  Remember, lots of gift cards can be loaded for $5 upward as high as you wish to go in value.

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