Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Christian Alphabet Book" by Tracy Sands

Christianity has used symbols to represent their faith throughout the ages. Sometimes it was to beautify stories or the Bible. Sometimes it was to designate a meeting place when Christians were in hiding. The author of Christian Alphabet Book had a goal of teaching the English ABCs to children using symbology to structure the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is used to key into lessons to learn about faith and God. And each letter, consisting of a variety of symbols, tells a story from the Bible.

The author felt inspired while at a church gathering to develop this alphabet book for children to learn their ABCs as well as lessons from the Scriptures. A worthy goal, indeed.  The lessons and the stories are good and worth learning.

I do feel however that the book is too cluttered and too intense for the young child. I also believe that some of the connections between words, lessons, and imagery were a bit forced. The book is simply not suitable for young children to learn their ABCs. It could be used by families to teach Scripture lessons to older children and the ABCs connectivity could help in recollection of the lessons. But older children will not be too inclined to have a book teaching ABCs.

All that said, I value the authors hard work and the lessons that are presented and which can be taught via the use of the book.  The book will be suitable for some families, but other families will not find it suits.  There is an associated CD featuring the Christian Alphabet Song and several others which is nice. I would recommend the author and publisher sell the two as a unit and not separate entities.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy exchange for my honest review from the BookCrash on behalf of the author. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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