Sunday, April 15, 2012

"The Wedding Dress" by Rachel Hauck: Book Review

Most everyone loves a wedding, especially when the bride wears a beautiful white gown - a gown representing her beauty and purity. The cover of  The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck beautifully depicts a graciously beautiful wedding dress worn by a 1912 bride.  This is the story of that dress.

It begins with Emily in 1912 and her upcoming socialite wedding.  She is a young lady with a decidedly "modern" opinion about matters and has a mind of her own.  She is daring and courageous and caring.  Her family is determined to put Emily into a dress that doesn't fit her body or her personality, but Emily has plans of her own.

Flash forward to the current year and meet Charlotte Malone, the proud owner of Malone & Company, a bridal salon for upscale weddings and for the bride who doesn't want to wear your run-of-the-mill dress.  Talented as Charlotte is at finding the absolutely most perfect dress for each and every bride, she hasn't found one for herself to wear to her own upcoming wedding.

In the ensuring 90+ years between the original wearing of the dress and the current story involving the dress, we have two other brides who have worn the dress.  The dress that fit each one perfectly. 

Charlotte finds this extraordinary dress and hangs it on a dress form in her own bedroom.  The dress seems to exude a magical aurora and the gold thread with which it is sewn gives it a sense of ethereal beauty.

The story of the Wedding Dress has an allegory essence to it because if you liken it to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.......
It never wears out.
It fits everyone who tries it on.
It doesn't need to be altered.
And it's always in style.
I recommend this book as a pleasant read and romp through time  hanging onto the tail of a beautiful wedding dress.

I received a complimentary copy this book from BookSneeze and the publisher, Thomas Nelson, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I received no compensation for this review.
ISBN:  9781595549631

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  1. I have been seeing this one in many places and it looks like a great story, I want to read it-thanks for your comments.
    Paula O


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