Friday, April 6, 2012

Hiding in Plain Sight by Amy Wallace: Book Review

Welcome to small town middle-Georgia in a struggle to revitalize the small town's businesses, not trouble the local Mennonite community, and the machinations of a group that seems intent to modernize and expand the area into a commercial tourist mecca.

Factor in a trouble teen who just happens to be Mennonite and who has a penchant for playing with matches and you have a perfect storm for mischief by unknown parties.  You have an opportunity to nefariously acquire coveted Mennonite land for purposes other than farming.

When Ashley, the lead female character, is involved as a police officer investigating incidences of vandalism and personal harm to individuals, her own troubled past colors her thinking and emotional involvement.

It is hard to pinpoint the male lead character.  I'd say it most likely is Patrick, a resident counselor who is introduced socially to Ashley.  They strike up an emotionally charged relationship.  He understands, as a friend and as a counselor, Ashley's buried emotional minefield and seeks to diffuse it as she gradually reveals bits and pieces of herself to him.

Amy Wallace has written a story revealing more of the Mennonites' peaceful life and faith and their ability to forgive as the Heavenly Father forgives.  I recommend this as a pleasant, interesting, and revealing read.
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4731-2  Publisher:  Harvest House 
DISCLOSURE:  I was provided a complimentary copy of "Hiding in Plain Sight" by the publisher, Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  I was not required to render a positive review.

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