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"Boys of Wartime" Daniel at the Siege of Boston 1776 by Laurrie Calkhoven: Book Review

"Twelve-year-old Daniel cheered when American colonists dumped English tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxes. But King George sends soldiers to punish the rebellious colonists, and friends turn on one another to protect themselves. Daniel works in the family tavern and spies on Redcoat officers after his father leaves to fight with the Patriots. He soon learns how to slip vital information across British lines to his father and General Washington. He must face his fear and put his life in danger. But, to a Patriot, liberty is well worth any risk."*
My eight-year-old grand daughter was visiting and she is into reading "chapter books."  So I was delighted when she wanted to read this book.  Her reaction?  She thoroughly enjoyed it, saying....

"It was exciting and very interesting to read but a little scarey in places." We visited "Old Salem" in North Carolina shortly after she read this book, and she wanted badly to visit the Old Salem Tavern because "Daniel worked in the family tavern" in the story.  Sadly, it was closed at this time because of renovations.  Her reaction to Daniel's story is that she wants MORE!
This book is one of the series "Boys of Wartime" and takes the young reader right into the heart of the action during the period 1775-1776.  A young reader can envision himself as "Daniel" as he hears conversations from the Redcoats (British) and decides that he, a "mere child" can also do a part for the Patriots in the colonist fight for freedom.

As I read this children's book, I was surprised at the vivid descriptions of life during this time of war and siege.  Fear of the enemy in his father's tavern as his mother cares and cooks for the British military leaders and as he, Daniel, serves them their food.  Fear at seeing a "spy" hanged whilst the British hold him, Daniel, firmly.  Fear as he runs through the countryside to reach the Patriots' encampment only to be accosted by a bullet from a "frontiersman's" long rifle.  The book completely convinced me that this engaging story can indeed carry the young reader right into the Siege of Boston beside Daniel.

ISBN-13: 978-0142417508
DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy of "Daniel at the Siege of Boston 1776" by author, Laurie Calkhoven, in exchange for an honest review. 
*From a description on

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