Friday, April 6, 2012

"The Great Divide" by T. Davis Bunn: Book Review

After devastating personal tragedy, attorney Marcus Glenwood resigns from a prestigious corporate law firm to retreat to a small town in North Carolina.  He is approached by a couple whose daughter was investigating the labor practices of a shoe company positioned in China - the firm's slave-like practices used to make it the world's largest manufacturer of sports wear and shoes.  The couple's distress over their missing daughter causes Glenwood to come out of retirement and take the case.

This story literally takes you all over the World as Marcus untangles deceit from Washington, DC through Europe and into Asia.  Even in North Carolina.  ­­­­

Power corrupts, as does money.  Slave labor enables the gigantic sports wear company to virtually move the mighty mounts of politics, international shipping and labor laws - manipulating, intimidating, and removing opposing forces.  However,  Marcus Glenwood also proves to be a force with which they must reckon as he begins to chisel at the mountain of deception revealing the horrific truth about the company and the missing investigative reporter, Gloria Hall.

The human rights issues involved in the corrupt practices in China and other countries where the labor force is denied any form of human rights and where they are kept under guard expected to produce products for shipping to the "free" world - a world they know nothing of.

As usual, T. Davis Bunn writes a captivating read that remains in the Christian fiction camp but can easily cross over into the secular realm.  I recommend this to anyone desiring a good read that is like reading behind the headlines of the morning newspaper revealing the corruption that lies in the political world a well as the garment industry.

I borrowed this book to read from my local public library.
ISBN-13: 978-0385502870     Publisher:  WaterBrook Press

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