Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spitzer Hafen by Randall Franklin: Book Review

I was excited to receive Spitzer Hafen to read and review from the publisher.  It is in the category of Christian Suspense and the publisher says it is "Christian fiction for thinkers."

However, I had difficulty reading and following the storyline; and this was in part because it begins laying the ground work for the main story by introducing a plethora of characters that I found not fully developed, lacking in depth or dimension, unsavory,  and unworthy of Christian reading.  The degree of crimes described such as murder, lying, exploitation, deception, etc. was intense and made this reader uncomfortable to the extent that I did not finish this book.

The storyline involves assassins that are on the hire by a leader who wants to rid America of Christianity.  However, a "religious" group is already fully ramped up to do this by perverting Christianity with apostate doctrine.  There are, however, a couple of missionaries who are hosting a small radio station.  Also, the book's enemies of Christianity are hard at work trying to rid the world of these missionaries.

The author, Randall Franklin, deserves an A+ for length and a nice book.  It just simply is not one I can recommend, though.  Mr. Franklin  does brings a lot to the table in the line of  life experiences that enable him to write realistically.  Mr. Franklin is the author of several books which may be found at http://www.mikvelk.com/estore.html.

Publisher: Mikvelk Publishing, LLC   ISBN-13: 978-1466212145

BookCrash and Mikvelk Publishing, LLC provided a complimentary copy of Spitzer Hafen in exchange for an unbiased review.  I was not encouraged or required to write a positive review.

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