Friday, January 27, 2012

"A is for Adam-the Gospel from Genesis" by Ken & Mally Ham

Christian parents need to build a library for their children complete with secular stories but also books that teach the child of God, Christ, and eternity.  Ken Ham has certainly been an advocate of strong, Christian literature that teaches the truth in Genesis and the truth in our Bible.  

I received a beautiful, yet complete with delightful illustrations, flip book that takes the parent and child through the alphabet beginning with "A is for Adam."  The book has cute rhyme that helps to grab his/her attention and engage the mind for solid memory of the information.  Example:
J is for Jovial, as Satan must have been,
The Devil was gleeful with all he had seen.
He was able to trick poor Eve with a lie,
"Obey all my words, and you'll surely not die."
and then after that dire episode.....
M is for Moan, what a mess sin did make,
Thorns, thistles and death, and cursed ground for man's sake.
God had to judge sin.  He's so holy and pure,
But God is so good, He provided a cure.
For the Parent:  Each page has another correlated page in the back of the book with Overview, Directed Discussion, Core Truth Takeaway, and Quick Review to aid in the instruction of the child. 

I highly recommend this book for homeschools, Christian Schools, and private homes.

 Bio:  Ken Ham is the founder and executive director of Answers in Genesis in the USA and one of the most sought-after Christian speakers in North America. Ken is the author or co-author of many books, including The Lie: Evolution, The Genesis Solution, Genesis and the Decay of the Nations, What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?, A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur, Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium (now called Why Won't They Listen?), and One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism. He is heard daily on the radio program, “Answers...with Ken Ham,” on more than 300 stations worldwide. Ken is also featured in various videos including the series, “Answers in Genesis with Dr. Gary Parker,” and the 12-part series of 28-minute videos, “Answers...with Ken Ham.” Ken's teaching is clear, true to the Bible, engaging, and challenging. Many have found salvation and others have been encouraged and equipped to reach others with the gospel through Ken's ministry.

I received a complimentary review copy of "A is for Adam" from New Leaf Publishing Group for Master Books and was not required to render a favorable review.

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