Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marriage for Meghan by Mary Ellis: Book Review

I discovered author Mary Ellis's work this past Fall and realized that she writes a very interesting fictional account of life in the Old Order Amish community.  Below are the links for the first two books I read and reviewed by Ms. Ellis.  I just completed a third read of her's, A Marriage for Meghan.

Meghan is a petite 19 year old Amish young lady that aspires to become a teacher in the district's one-room Amish school house.  But Meghan has to overcome her past reputation as a prankster and flighty child and teen before she can be entrusted with this responsibility by the sober Bishop (her father) and other leaders of the community.

Factor into the story a young suitor  that Meghan has known all her life and who really doesn't want to wait around while she achieves her dream. We learn that the Englischer world is not alone in heartbreak.

However, evil enters into this calm, serene world of mild-mannered families serving God in the form of hate crimes, vandalism, and arson bringing perplexity and anxiety to the heart and mind of those affected by it.  Undesired by the Bishop, local law enforcement arrives and a FBI Special Agent is sent to solve the problem.

I recommend this as an excellent read that doesn't tarnish the mind and spirit of the reader.
 I received Marriage for Meghan directly from the author as a donation for our school's library.  I reviewed it as a courtesy for her donation and was not required to write a positive review.

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  1. thanks, Vera, for such a lovely review. As a former schoolteacher myself, that book was so much fun to write. May God bless you and your school richly during the coming year.


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