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The Timeless Truths Bible & Timeless Faith

Timeless Faith

This week I had the opportunity to visit the prerevolutionary war capital city (New Bern) of the North Carolina colony. I reveled in the historic sites of Tyron Palace (Lord Tryon, Governor) and the beautiful Christ Church. I saw the foundation of the first Christ Church, established in 1715, now an outdoor "cathedral" as well as the stunningly beautiful Christ Church constructed in the years 1824 to 1875. While the history of this place of worship was personally moving and impressive in beauty and historic significance, what moved me most was the glass encased gifts from King George II  to the original Christ Church, and its congregation in 1752. These were:

  1. The Book of Common Prayer printed in 1752 and cover inscribed with the Royal Coat of Arms.
  2. The Holy Bible printed in 1717 at Oxford with outside covers inscribed with the Royal Coat of Arms. 
  3. Silver Communion Service bearing the Arms of Great Britain: Chalice, plate, tray, etc. 
Timeless pieces of significant history to the worshiping Christian. To think of the people through the ages that have seen, read, touched, and worshiped God with these treasures is an awe-inspiring and moving experience for me personally and it is indicative of our Timeless Faith!

The Book of Common Prayer 1715
The Holy Bible, King James Version 1611
Printed in Oxford 1717
Silver Communion Service 1752
Commissioned by King George II
Gifted to Christ Church 1752

The Timeless Truths Bible

This is an unique version that enriches faith with devotional notes and commentary from trusted theologians and pastors spanning from the second to the twentieth century. It includes text from ancient creeds and confessions, grounding our understanding of Christian beliefs.

The Timeless Truths Bible features the complete text of Scripture in the New English Translation (NET), margin notes with devotional and theological commentary, the text of some of the creeds and confessions of the Christian faith, full-color artwork from the history of Christianity, and book introductions for every book of the Bible.

This Bible is designed to anchor us to the faith “once for all entrusted to the saints” with timeless wisdom shared from church history. I thought you might find it interesting.

Be anchored in the faith with timeless wisdom shared from church history.
  • The complete text of Scripture in the New English Translation (NET)
  • Margin notes featuring devotional and theological commentary from notable figures throughout church history including:
    • Irenaeus
    • Justin Martyr
    • Augustine
    • Martin Luther
    • Ulrich Zwingli
    • Origen
    • John Wesley
    • Charles Spurgeon
    • John Bunyan
    • John Calvin
  • 46 full-page biographies of church leaders
  • The text of some of the creeds and confessions of the Christian faith that have shaped our beliefs for generations, including:
    • The Apostles’ Creed
    • The Nicene Creed
    • The Chalcedonian Definition
    • The Athanasian Creed
    • The Augsburg Confession
    • The Belgic Confession
    • The Westminster Catechism
    • The Lausanne Covenant
  •  Full-color tip-in pages of artwork from the history of Christianity
  • Book introductions for every book of the Bible
  • Line-matched, single-column typesetting
  • Clear and readable 9-point NET Comfort Print

My thoughts:  I am not familiar with the NET (New English Translation) of the Holy Bible. My preferred translation is the old King James version. However, I firmly believe that God's Word will not return to Him void, and that Grace and Redemption can be found through reading translations or versions other than the KJV. That being said, I have taken pictures to illustrate the difference in a short portion of Psalm 17 from both the NET and the KJV. This will give you a hint at the differences.

Psalm 17 King James Version
Psalm 17 New English Translation
The Timeless Truths Bible

The text in this NET "Timeless Truths Bible" is quite readable. That is a key plus factor in my opinion. So many Bibles have fonts and text size that are very difficult to read. The side panels of this Timeless Truths Bible contain various historic information and interpretations of portions of Scripture.

Of note in this edition are the 16 classic art pieces and there is a list of them at the back of the Bible with pertinent information. There are a handful of maps at the back that will prove helpful in study.

I don't see this as a "study" Bible. I see it as a reference volume that specializes in the Bible with timeless information from scholars of days long gone who were pillars of the faith. 

Where you may purchase:

I strongly encourage my readers to have their very own copy of God's Word. My preference is the KJV. This Timeless Truth's Bible will provide God's Word to readers and a varied source of historic and timeless materials that show the reader how God's truth has been revealed, revered, reverenced, and preserved through the ages. Art, giants of the faith, truths revealed.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy to facilitate a review through the Frontgate Christian Media group and Thomas Nelson Publisher. Opinions are mine, alone. I do not purport to be a Biblical scholar. I have not undertaken to compare versions or translations of the Bible. I am simply sharing information provided on this new copy of the Bible and my opinion. Other materials of my experiences and ideas are mine and are property of Chat With Vera

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