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I Am, I Can, I Will: A Guided Journal of Self-Discovery for Black Girls by co-authors Dr. Cynthia Jacobs Carter & Ruth Chamblee [BLOG HOP GIVEAWAY]

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About the book: 
Bold statements, compelling quotes, and thoughtful prompts lead young Black girls on a journey of ancestral wisdom and self-discovery in this beautifully illustrated guided journal.
I AM a voice for my people.  
I CAN create my own opportunities.  
I WILL live with hope.
These and other powerful mantras will enlighten, engage, and empower young Black girls to embrace their connection to a long, unbroken line of historical and contemporary Black women who have inspired people through the centuries and across continents. The courage, integrity, humanity, passion, and intellect that flows through the lives of these foremothers is each girl’s to discover, inherit, and enhance with her own accomplishments.
Meaningful quotes and biographies provide real-life examples of how readers can implement what they learn in their own lives. And guided questions and prompts lead girls through a process of self-reflection that acknowledges their own potential to inspire and lead.

From the authors: Cynthia Jacobs Carter and Ruth Chamblee are more than co-authors and friends. We are women of the African diaspora, descendants of a long line of queens, though not all royal. We share a bond with our ancestors, each other, and all Black women that passes down through the centuries, across continents and oceans and bloodlines. Together we wrote I Am, I Can, I Will as an inspiring, interactive journal to introduce Black heroines of past and present to today’s generation of young girls of African descent, inviting them to embrace and celebrate their rich heritage and use it as a springboard to realize their own dreams.

We are both professionals who work in fields that inspire people of all ages—Ruth at National Geographic Kids Books and Cynthia at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. We are dedicated to igniting the fires of curiosity, exploration, and discovery and watching them take hold and flourish in the lives of children and young adults. In this spirit, we have created I Am, I Can, I Will.

The 35 amazing women featured in this book speak out from the pages with their ambitions, their moments of doubt, their courage, and their triumphs.  They inspire girls to explore their own hearts and minds, to create and follow their own path, like Hatshepsut, the first female pharaoh of Egypt; legendary leaders of the 19th century like Harriet Tubman and Mme C.J. Walker; and fearless, outspoken authors and activists of the 20th and 21st centuries, like Dorothy Height, Toni Morrison, Michelle Obama, and Amanda Gorman. As African American women and girls of today, all of us inherit and pass on the courage, integrity, humanity, passion, creativity, and intellect that flows from our foremothers.
At a time when the news can often feel negative and divisive, this journal invites each of our young sisters to read and be enriched by the stories of these women. To take strength and encouragement from their wisdom. To reflect upon their own young life and to add their thoughts and feelings, their story, and their plans for the future to the pages. Ultimately, for each girl to discover that she is a unique, special individual, but not alone, because she stands with her sisters throughout the Diaspora. Read a sample on Amazon - click here Secret word: Strength

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