Friday, August 18, 2023

Review of the movie: "The Hill" - Based on the Incredible True Story [And a 4-ticket Giveaway]


My thoughts:
I had the opportunity to view a pre-release screening of "The Hill." Having to view it on my laptop computer did not give the greatest experience, but it was enough to see the value and quality that this film is. Also, the character's accents, really deep southern, were difficult for me even though I, too, am a southerner. Lack of closed captions in this viewing further posed a personal difficulty since I have hearing limitations. However, all that being said, the film is well done, time-appropriately staged, and reflects well on the particular culture surrounding the area and peoples. I thought the acting well done even though some of the characters made me, a southerner, cringe at the imagery.

The story of Ricky's difficult childhood and the prognosis of permanent and disabling crippling with progressive bone disease is heart wrenching. His love of baseball and his persistent drive to overcome his personal health issues and pursue his dream are inspiring and heart warming. The father's faith and his pursuit of complete dedication to God for himself and his family are both inspiring and disturbing.

Learning that this moving film is based on the true story of the life of Ricky Hill and the portrayal of his story placed the movie over the top for me as one I recommend! At the end I realized that Mr. Ricky Hill himself even played one of the characters in the film. I'll leave it up to future viewers to discover his role.

I enjoyed the film and believe that others will enjoy it as well.

Synopsis:  Growing up impoverished in small-town Texas, young Rickey Hill shows an extraordinary ability for hitting a baseball, despite being burdened by leg braces from a degenerative spinal disease.  His concerned pastor father (DENNIS QUAID) discourages Rickey from playing baseball to protect him from injury, and to have him follow in his footsteps and become a preacher.  As a young man, Rickey (COLIN FORD) becomes a baseball phenomenon.  His desire to participate in a try-out for a legendary major league scout divides the family and threatens Rickey’s dream of playing professional baseball.  Based on a true story, THE HILL is directed by Jeff Celentano and also stars JOELLE CARTER, country music singer and songwriter RANDY HOUSER, Golden Globe nominee BONNIE BEDELIA, and SCOTT GLENN.

Purchase tickets at a theater near you.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided the opportunity for an early release screening of the movie "The Hill" via Front Gate Media for the purpose of facilitating an unbiased review and my opinion. Giveaway prize is provided and sent directly to the winner by publicist, FrontGate Media or its representatives.


  1. Was there any bad language or anything inappropriate?

    1. It’s a very family friendly movie.

  2. Hopefully there will be a dvd with subtitles out in November. My husband and I can no longer go to the theater as he cannot hear well. God gives grace as we wait for quality movies to come out with subtitles. 😊

    1. I completely understand the need for subtitles. I, and several in my family, have difficulty hearing and wear hearing aids. Even with these there is a great need for subtitles.

  3. It's a very good movie. I highly recommend it. It's also family oriented with no bad language.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes it is very good. It is now streaming on NETFLIX


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