Wednesday, August 30, 2023

OVER THE HORIZON (Horizons Series #1) by Penny Zeller

My thoughts:  Life for a lone young woman in the 1870s did not offer much; and when a mean, cruel man expects her to marry him, she has very little recourse. In Paisley's case, she hid and fled the scene in the back of a wagon of another man - unknown to her as to his character and destination.

Speak of horrendous circumstances! Well, such a situation probably has been played out through the ages as young women have fled the clutches of men known for their cruelty. In Paisley's situation, the story takes on a fairy tale quality with the wagon driver, Tyler, as her prince charming.

No, the author isn't weaving a retake on a fairy tale. She is giving us a glimpse into desperation, marriages of convenience, and the good qualities of a man.

As Paisley's and Tyler's story progresses the reality of orphaned children and the Orphan Trains of the 1800s (out of New York) is woven into their story. We meet three different orphaned children, from different families, who traveled on the Orphan Train and were adopted into Tyler's parent's family after being rejected for adoption by other families. 

Other characters with traits of warmth, goodness, and caring are introduced into Paisley's life as she begins living in the area that is the small town of Horizon.

A lovely story. Sweetness. Fear. Evil. Goodness. Trust. Faith in God. New beginnings. Such a wealth of kindness and overcoming difficulties woven into a story that is a joy to read.

I highly recommend.

About the book: A most unusual proposal

Alone in 1870s Idaho Territory, Paisley Abbott has nowhere to turn. With no other options, she finds herself consenting to an unconventional, but mutually beneficial agreement.

During an unplanned return to his family’s farm, prodigal Tyler Shepherdson inherits three children. When Tyler finds a woman hiding in the back of his wagon, an idea begins to form and he makes a rash decision that results in perhaps one of the most spontaneous marriages of convenience ever.

Despite an unorthodox beginning to their marriage, will Paisley and Tyler trust God as they forge ahead to create a home for three orphans? Will love arise from a desperate situation?

In the first book in the Horizon Series, travel to the late 1800s to the town of Horizon in the Idaho Territory with a cast of unforgettable characters, journeys of faith, and abundant humor. Secret word: read.

Coming soon, the newest series by Penny Zeller, author of the Wyoming Sunrise, Love Letters from Ellis Creek, and Montana Skies Christian Historical Romance Series. Horizon Series:
  • Over the Horizon (July 2023)
  • Dreams on the Horizon (2024)
  • Beyond the Horizon (2024)
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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  1. Thank you so much, Vera, for your wonderful review of Over the Horizon!


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