Sunday, August 6, 2023

You Are More Than You've Been Told by Hosanna Wong [Book spotlight & Giveaway]



Unlock a Fresh Way to Live Through the Rhythms of Jesus

NEW from bestselling author, international speaker,
& spoken word artist, Hosanna Wong.

You don't have to live disconnected from yourself or from God.

Have you ever felt unseen, unwanted, or unworthy? If so, you’re not crazy. You’ve been told lies your whole life. From the beginning of time, the enemy has been fighting against you knowing who you are, so you never live the full life you were created to live. But there is good news… 

There is a way to know who you are and live like it daily. It’s shockingly practical, down-to-earth, and tangible.

While Jesus was on earth, He lived a lifestyle of rhythms that helped Him fight the lies of the enemy. Through His habits, we will discover a roadmap to living lighter and living as who we are.

In You Are More Than You've Been Told, spoken word artist and bestselling author Hosanna Wong unveils a fresh approach to spiritual disciplines as the practical ways to stay connected to God and our true selves.

She will help you

  • identify the lies that have held you back and uncover important truths about who you are and have always been,
  • discover tangible tools to help you heal from deep wounds and see God in the most tender places of your story, and
  • unlock four key rhythms that will help you be free of burdens you were never meant to carry.

You are more than what people have said about you. You are more than what you have done and what’s been done to you. It turns out, you will know who you are when you spend real time with the One who knows you the best. Let this practical roadmap show you how. Where you can buy a copy - click here


DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of the book to facilitate a book spotlight. I have not read the book hence no review with my opinion is given. Giveaway is hosted by Front Gate Media who is responsible for all giveaway details and distribution of prize/prizes. Entry is held at Front Gate Media's website. Giveaway ENDS August 14 unless otherwise determined by Front Gate Media.

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