Thursday, June 29, 2023

Board books for toddlers using chemistry & physics terms & definitions - STEM from MIT Kids Press [Review & Giveaway]

The concept of these "science for tiny tots" board books is that of impressing very young minds with speech and information beyond the traditional level for their age with the assumption that their minds will grasp much of the information. I don't dispute the idea, but also believe that the fun and games language and thinking concept also appropriate.

Bath Time Physics (Ages 1—3 | $8.99, ISBN: 9781536229653)

My thoughts: 
An adorable book using photographs for illustration and introducing physics concepts, words, and definitions. Intended to be read to very young children. Basic concepts and definitions help parents with ideas to present to children. Shows bath time as a fun time that can be educational, too.

About the book: Splish, splash! Prepare to experience the forces of physics at work. It’s time for Baby’s bath . . .
Ooh! We made a waterfall . . .
Invite your tubby-time friends to join in.
Even Einstein started somewhere, so who’s to say your little genius-to-be won’t find inspiration in the bath? Gather up your gear: floating toys, fluffy towels, warm tub, favorite little lab partner (may take multiple attempts). Place tiny tot in the tub (note water displacement), and proceed to explore buoyancy, gravity, and evaporation. Now it’s time to make waves and see that third law of motion in action. Go, baby, go! Wait, hold on . . . Stop, baby, stop! In a bright, graphic board book leavened with dry humor, photos of happy tykes and a tongue-in-cheek running dialogue are sprinkled with factual asides that define basic concepts of physics. So don your protective goggles—with a bathtub as a lab bench, your precocious little one can master physics every day!

High Chair Chemistry (Ages 1—3 | $8.99, ISBN: 9781536229660)

My thoughts: 
Photographs illustrating this board book show lots of kid's antics and messes made during feeding time. The concepts of chemistry are deftly presented with words and definitions that aid parents in explaining chemistry to very young children. Cute book.

About the book: Secure your bib, open wide, and get ready to unpack the properties of matter. Chemistry is all around us - starting with Baby’s high chair...
Are you hungry? . . .
Let’s experiment.
Why wait for college when you can teach your toddler advanced science right now? After sterilizing your workstation, prepare to explore solids, which can be combined with liquids to form an optimal mixture. Now test your mixture. Eureka! Isn’t feeding time a total . . . gas? In a bright, graphic board book loaded with dry humor and comic timing, photos of happy, outrageously messy toddlers (and exhausted parents) complement a tongue-in-cheek running dialogue, interspersed with factual asides that define basic concepts of chemistry. So rest assured, with a high chair tray as a lab bench, your precocious little one can master chemistry multiple times a day!

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