Monday, August 30, 2021

Weather: Pop-up Book by Maike Biederstadt [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

Hardcover $25.00
Prestel Publishing
Ages 7 - 17
My thoughts:
  As I write this review, there is a major Category 4 hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast of the USA specifically in the Louisiana area. This type of storm (or weather) is monstrous, destructive, life threatening and people need to be aware of the dangers. Therefore, introducing children and teens to the study of The Weather should begin early so they can understand what is happening in the World around them.

The book we have today is a beautiful pop-up book that is packed with information describing Earth's weather systems and illustrated with delightful, awesome, pop-ups that are stunning.

The very first pages explain "Why the weather is the way it is" and shows the Earth with it's covering of clouds and swirling arrows indicative of the air flow and wind currents. The effect of the Earth's rotation on the wind and driving force the Sun is on our weather. 

Then the "pop-up" pages begin with short explanations. 

The artistry of paper-cut art work provides intriguing dimensional interest as well as attention to detail. 

This introduction to weather study doesn't forego the opportunity to present the effect of mankind on the Earth and how climate change has an affect on the weather. 

This book is probably not suitable for public or school libraries, but it certainly is appropriate for home school book shelves, private collections, and anyone interested in pursing early introduction to weather studies.

About the book: From raucous stormy seas to a welcomingly vivid rainbow, weather's most exciting moments come to brilliant life in this fantastic new pop-up book.

In her hugely successful books Creatures of the Deep and What's in the Egg, as well as her enormously popular series of greeting cards for the Museum of Modern Art, Maike Biederstaedt has established herself as one of the preeminent paper artists working today. Now Biederstaedt takes book engineering to new heights as she immerses readers in five electrifying weather scenarios. As each spread unfolds, a meticulously designed landscape emerges--a freighter balances like a nutshell between high waves in the sea; a tornado takes terrifying aim at a truck trying to outrun it; a rain-spewing storm cloud towers like a skyscraper over a farm house. Nature's delicate beauty emerges in the intricate shapes of a snowflake and in the luminous arc of a rainbow. Each page features an informative description of its weather event and the book closes with sobering commentary on the effects of climate change. A wondrous introduction to weather for budding climatologists, this is also an artistic tour de force that collectors will treasure.
Begins August 30
Ends September 27 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA & CANADA addresses only.
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