Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Illnesses, vaccines, end-results, and fears

As a child of the 1940's and a post WWII world where new discoveries were frequent and wonderful, I experienced a bit of both the pre-medical-wonders world and the prolific advances in medical science.

I had most, if not all of the childhood diseases - measles, mumps, chicken pox. We had frequent colds. And I had pneumonia five times before the age of 6 years. No antibiotics for help in getting well. Just one's own immunity and the tender loving care of family, nurses, and doctors.

I count it a blessing that I and my family escaped the polio epidemic that raged during my childhood. Others didn't, and their bodies were ravaged from that terrible illness.

Thankfully, the scientific and medical world was busy discovering many new aids for the fight against disease. So when my own children were in their early childhood, the Dr. Jonas Salk POLIO VACCINE became available.

When made available in our area of the United States, we stood in line and received ours's. Even our current "babe in arms" received it. We didn't hesitate. You see.....

We had seen and experienced the ravages of disease in our lives and the community. We were thankful for the privilege to have the opportunity to defeat the foe. 

Years later, the effort to eradicate one of the childhood diseases - SMALLPOX - became a reality as the result of world-wide vaccination against this disastrous virus.

So today, I speak as one who trusts our medical scientists, our doctors, and especially the doctors who treat me and my family. Today, in our time-line, there is a virulent virus rampant in the world killing and causing life-time bodily harm. Our defense is to be on the offensive. Our weapons* include being vaccinated against it.

So I am pro-vax. I and my husband are vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

*Other weapons include: masking, washing hands frequently, distancing oneself.

--©Vera Godley/Chat With Vera 8/10/2021


  1. Thanks for speaking out Vera. I hope your sincere, well-spoken, thoughts are taken to heart by those who respect you and maybe save another family from needless suffering.


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