Thursday, July 15, 2021

Root veggies at the root of it all

We all know how good root vegetables are for us. Just chock full of nutrients. And.... there are so many varieties., 

We depend greatly for the diverse white potato. I like the red-skinned potato as well as the Yukon Gold potato. And of course Russets for baking. 

Recently I was gifted an odd looking root veggie that resembled a small sweet potato (or yam) but yet different somewhat in outer appearance. I assumed it was a turnip of some sort. The sweet lady that gifted the veggie to me said it had "tops like a turnip." So I'm assuming, too, that it is a turnip.

Smaller pieces are "unknown root" or Golden Beet
and larger pieces are peeled Red Skin Potato

It was small so I thought I'd cook it together with one peeled Red Skin Potato. So both roots were peeled, lightly salted and peppered, water added to "boil" them and a small amount of butter.

I cooked them until tender. The liquid cooking down a bit to where it was a thickened a bit naturally.

After eating, I believe the new, unidentified root is a golden beet or yellow beet. The texture and taste resemble regular red beets  slightly. The taste was definitely not that of a turnip.

The combined potato and "golden beet" is delicious and a dish I hope to recreate again sometime soon.


  1. I love all kinds of root vegetables! I like to use a sheet pan to roast them. The secret is to cut the various vegetables in similar size pieces so they all cook fairly evenly. Beets are delicious!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Thank you for your great comment. I really like root veggies, too

  2. I love trying new vegggies, this one sounds good.


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