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Candlewick children's picture books review & giveaway [USA/CANADA- 2 Winners]

Phoebe Dupree Is Coming to Tea! by Linda Ashman & illustrated by Alea Marley 

My thoughts: 
This is an absolutely delightful book. The hostess, Abby, is preparing for a visiting by Miss Phoebe Dupree and she is quite anxious to have everything just right at her tea party because Miss Dupree is so very perfect.

I suppose most everyone feels this way at some point in time, and the delightful rhyme and adorable pictures set the stage for learning a lesson in adaptability is just wonderful.

I highly recommend this book.

About the book: Abby is anxious to host the perfect tea party for a friend she idolizes, but life serves up a sweet taste of the fun to be had when perfection is off the table.

Have you met Phoebe—Miss Phoebe Dupree?
Phoebe’s as perfect as perfect can be.
To Abby, her friend Phoebe can do no wrong. Phoebe is speedy. Phoebe is smart. She’s equally brilliant at science and art. So when the budding hostess invites Phoebe over for a tea party, everything from the sugary treats on the menu to Abby’s dog, Louie, must be, well…perfect. But when life—and possibly Louie—send a clear message to let loose, the girls indulge in a perfectly imperfect playdate. Linda Ashman’s vivacious rhyme and Alea Marley’s inviting illustrations serve up a classic tale of enduring friendship at a tea party that will leave readers wanting to pull up a chair. 

Hugo by Atinuke & illustrated by Birgitta Sif 

My thoughts: 
This is a delightful story with charming illustrations that tell the tale of a park pigeon who is tasked (by whom? we don't know) to be the guardian and caretaker of the park. In his day to day tasks he notices a curtain move in an upper window but no one comes out from the window.

Alas, our pigeon is injured and he is rescued by the mysterious person behind the curtain. 

A lovely story of compassion and watching-over. I recommend.

About the book: A Parisian pigeon passionate about people makes a new friend - with gentle themes of community and inclusivity. Hugo the pigeon has an important job. He looks after the park and everyone who lives there. Everyone except for the Somebody whose curtains are never open. But one day, Hugo is so busy doing his showing-off dance that he doesn't see the dog approaching ... and Somebody has to fly to the rescue! A charming story about community and the value of friendship, beautifully brought to life by Birgitta Sif's energetic illustrations.

Noah's Seal by Layn Marlow  

My thoughts: 
A small boy and his grand mother are at the beach. They are in a land where seals visit from time to time. The boy wants to see the seals.

While he awaits their appearance, he makes a sand and seashell seal. His grandmother encourages and praises him. Then the storm comes and sweeps the sand seal away. But they are not disappointed because magically the real seal appears.

A bit of fantasy set in a typical day at the beach. Cute book.

About the book: In a picture-perfect ode to the perfect day at the beach, a young boy experiences the joys of being left alone to play and dream at the edge of a wild sea.

Waiting is hard. In a gentle multigenerational story that blurs the boundaries of real and imagined, Noah waits on shore while Nana fixes their sailboat. The boat will take them out to sea where the seals live, and Noah can hardly contain himself. In the meantime, he sculpts his own seal out of sand. Noah collects shells for the seal’s speckled back, spiky dune grass for whiskers, two shiny pebbles for eyes, and a smiling line of seaweed for a mouth. He lies beside his new friend to watch the rolling sea until a storm blows in and Noah must take cover. Later, he wonders: did his seal swim away? Readers will delight in pondering the mystery too in this sun-splashed book for young adventurers—an essential summer-vacation read. 

Begins July 19
Ends August 11 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA & CANADA
Phone required for Canadian winners
DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Prizes are provided and shipped directly to the winners by publisher, publicist, or author. Chat With Vera is not responsible for lost or misdirected prizes.


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