Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Organic Boneless Thin Sliced Chicken Breast for dinner

Today we'll talk about what I did with the FarmerFocus Organic Boneless Thin Sliced Chicken Breast. I thought there were 4 servings in the pack so when I lifted out 1 breast I thought, "Well, it's thinner that those monster huge breasts that are so tough. We'll see." I began the prep thinking one serving. I'm just preparing a very simple dinner with this lovely chicken. 

I seasoned lightly with salt, black pepper, and chili powder (yep, light dusting) on both sides. In doing so I saw the one piece was actually two very thin slices. After seasoning, I set it aside to allow flavor to penetrate meat. 

I then prepared the sauté pan with extra virgin olive oil and a little butter. I heated the oil/butter in pan and placed meat in. Then after a couple minutes flipped it. I was using a medium-high temp to sauté the chicken. Once done (it's thin so I had to be quick and not over cook it) I placed it on a cutting board and sliced it to place atop the already prepared salad.

Salad: I used Butter Lettuce, English cucumbers, locally grown tomato, grated cheese, croutons, and a bit of homemade Thousand Island Dressing. Chicken was placed on top and served immediately.

Vegetable: A dear friend gave me some already cooked, locally grown green beans. Yummy.

Nice to know.... My package of FarmerFocus Organic Chicken was from the River Bottom Farm in Virginia. I enjoyed reading online about this farm and feel confident eating meat produced at it rather than on a mega-farm.

Meal prepared in my home kitchen solely by myself. I enjoyed it consuming it all.

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