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Our Country’s Presidents 2020: A Complete Encyclopedia of the U.S. Presidency from National Geographic [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts: 
This beautiful collection of information on the Presidents of the United States of America has a short biographic sketch of each individual that served as The President and also a plethora of information on government, processes, issues; and it is all presented in a respectful, engaging manner by the writers of National Geographic.

I was so impressed with the 2017 edition and here I am again totally impressed with this newer 2020 edition. It provides information about our newest elected President Joe Biden. But it isn't just the Presidents. Such a lot of information about our system of elections and government. The achievements of each president and how they fit into the ongoing scheme of American history is interesting and so well presented. Sure to impress readers of any age.

Sequenced chronologically, the reader can follow through how the country developed under the leadership of each of these Presidents. From our Country's inception and formative leadership, through years of discovery and expansion and on into the atomic age, America has grown guided by our governing principals and leaders who strove for America's best.

As with any publication about political figures, there is controversy. I am not delving into whether the book's narrative is biased for any political view. I am simply stating that this is a wonderful book that gives the publisher's and author's material. The photographs and other images are fabulous. This is a superb piece of educational material.

I highly recommend this book for school classrooms and libraries, public libraries, and home libraries. Invaluable for homes where homeschooling is done.

About the book: A completely updated edition of National Geographic’s Our Country’s Presidents 2020 is released every four years, timed to the inauguration.  

As the nation and world watched as events surrounding the pandemic, the election and the peaceful transfer of power unfolded, author Ann Bausum and the Nat Geo Kids Books editors raced to complete Our Country’s Presidents 2020: A Complete Encyclopedia of the U.S. Presidency (ages 10+, hardcover, $24.99, January 2021),  which profiles the 45 individuals who have served as President, plus includes extensive coverage of the 2020 presidential campaign as well as America’s newest commander in chief.  The teamwork and coordination behind creating this book is remarkable, but the results prove that it is well worth the effort.  I am so pleased to announce this latest edition's debut. 

Our Country’s Presidents has become THE gold standard as the most complete, timely encyclopedia of the U.S. Presidency available.  This edition is fully up to date, featuring spreads that will fascinate the budding historian as well as the pop culture fanatic.  Timelines and descriptions of crucial events that occurred while each president was in office lay the foundation, while thematic spreads run the gamut of issues surrounding the presidency —including an explanation of the electoral college, the security and media that surround the president, a deep dive into the role of the vice presidency, presidential perks, the incredible challenges of choosing a president during a pandemic, campaign strategies, party politics, first ladies and so much more. 

Key features include: 

  • Information about President Biden and the 2020 election results 
  • A brand-new thematic spread on the impeachment process and its history
  • Revised terminology around the language of slavery and analysis of early presidents who benefitted from and relied on enslaved labor
  • Comprehensive profiles of all the former presidents along with timelines and descriptions of crucial events during their terms
  • Twenty thematic spreads covering a variety of topics, including the history of voting rights, the role that cash and conventions play in the election process and to how to write a letter to the president
  • Full-page portraits, famous quotes, and fascinating facts to help kids get to know each leader
  • More than 400 illustrations -- from period artwork to iconic photography

Our Country’s Presidents serves not only as an excellent reference but also as a singular volume that illustrates how the presidency has morphed over time.  

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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review from Media Masters Publicity on behalf of National Geographic and the author. Opinions are my own and are freely given. I was not compensated.


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  7. I love these books, they're very educational and entertaining. I've learned a lot from them.

  8. National Geographic books are really one of the best ways for kids to learn and be entertained. There are so many subjects to choose from. My daughter loved the animal books the most.

  9. I have ordered several from amazon and had them shipped to my great great nephew in TN. He loves looking at the pictures and when he find something he want to know more about he has his mother or grandmother read it to him.

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