Saturday, February 6, 2021

Ella's Night Lights & Ellie's Dragon are delightful picture books from Candlewick Press [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

Ella’s Night Lights by Lucy Fleming

My thoughts: 
The illustrations of Ella's Night Lights are simply charming. There is a sweetness about them that draws the eye to detail, happiness, and joy.

The story is about a "little girl" who is a combination of girl, fairy (?), and moth in a purely imaginative tale. This sweet, joyful creature has a problem, though. She can only come out at night and must seek shelter from the rays of the sun when the sun arises.

She has critter friends in the night forest that she cavorts with but they are sad she is not able to see the light of day. So as friends are apt to do, they create a way to solve her problem.

A sweet imaginative tale of friends helping friends and of sharing joy.

About the book: Friendship, kindness, and gratitude are all illuminated in a quiet tale of a magical girl with mothlike wings.

Nestled in a little nook in an old oak tree is a tiny girl named Ella. Ella loves light, but must be sure to avoid the sun because of her delicate wings. Flittering about at night, she collects light from everything that glows and glimmers in the darkness, always making sure to share the light she gathers with those who need it most. Until one day, when her animal friends decide it’s their turn to give back—with a creative plan that just may make Ella’s dream of seeing the sun come true. New York Times best-selling illustrator Lucy Fleming’s author-illustrator debut is a sweet story about the power of giving to others and celebrating our friends, as well as a reminder that we all have a light within us that is worthy of being shared.

Ellie’s Dragon by Bob Graham

My thoughts:  The detail in the illustrations are fascinating. The end pages depict a grocery store and you see "sale" "save" "now" "never" signs hanging drawing one's attention as they shop. The store is filled with customers totally unaware of each other focusing on themselves and their task. Children abound and are pointing at things children like to see.

And that takes us into the story where Ellie is a tiny tot who discovers a baby dragon amongst the eggs. Ellie grows and her pet dragon grows. This continues through the book until Ellie has friends of her own and doesn't need an imaginary friend any longer. But throughout the story as Ellie and her mother are out and about Ellie's dragon is with her and all the children can see the pet dragon but the grownups are totally unaware.

A sweet story of a child having an imaginary friend and growing out of the need to have that in their life.  

About the book: From master storyteller Bob Graham comes an adorable and affecting tale about imaginary friends and the bittersweet nature of growing up.

When Ellie is very small, she finds a lovable newborn dragon on a carton of eggs in the grocery store. Ellie calls him Scratch, takes him home, and moves him into her dollhouse. Her mother can’t see Scratch, and her teacher doesn’t notice when Ellie brings Scratch to preschool, yet her friends are amazed. Ellie is lucky to have an affectionate, house-trained dragon like Scratch! But dragons get quite large as they grow. And Ellie is growing, too, moving from dollhouses to dance parties, not noticing that Scratch’s brilliant green scales are beginning to fade a little. . . . Beloved picture-book creator Bob Graham illustrates the joys of imagination and friendship in this touching story. With his signature gentle wit and warm, whimsically detailed illustrations, he captures the bond between girl and dragon, as well as the changes that come with time’s passage. A wistful, quietly thought-provoking tribute to the friends who appear when we need them most, even if it’s just for a little while.

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