Friday, March 20, 2020

Jesus Rose for Me by author Jared Kennedy (The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible series)

ISBN 9781645070450
My thoughts:  The publications from New Growth Press that I have had access to have always been theologically sound and provide uplifting education through enjoyable reading.

Their children's books typically do not cater to the flippant telling of Biblical stories. In Jesus Rose for me the author retells the final week in the Earthly life of Jesus and breaks it out into four "chapters."

As a board book, it is directed to the younger child who typically handles books roughly. The text and the length of this book is geared, in my opinion, more to older "young" children. The illustrations are cute with the front and back covers of modern children and the prerequisite lamb and bunny. The interior of the book, though, reflects totally upon the Biblical recount often depicting with darkness facilitated by deep, dense colors expressing the emotional and spiritual portion of the story.

So while the book is longer than the typical board book might be, breaking it down into "chapters" and reading each at a different time, facilitates understanding on the young child's level. The vocabulary is fine. The four chapters include:

  1. Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem
  2. Jesus' Last Supper
  3. Jesus Dies For Us
  4. Jesus Lives
Opportunity is presented for discussion with pertinent questions at the end of each chapter. Not a "study format" simply along the lines of "think about" or "have you.....?".

I highly recommend.

About the book: Every Easter, we celebrate that Jesus is more powerful than death. But what does that mean for your little one? Jesus Rose for Me by author Jared Kennedy helps toddlers and preschoolers understand the true meaning of Easter in a personal, memorable way.

This board book is a part of The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible series. For children ages three to seven, this beautifully illustrated book begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter, when Jesus rose for us. Children will learn that Jesus is our king, and that everyone who trusts in him is part of his forever family.

Help your kids understand that Jesus died for us and rose from the dead. Because of the compelling content and modern, vivid illustrations, children will live in the joy of the greatest truth of all: Jesus is alive!

This conversational book simply tells the story of the gospel and invites children to respond. Jesus Rose for Me helps toddlers and preschoolers celebrate that every day is resurrection day.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher to facilitate a review. Opinions and insights are mine, alone, and are freely given.

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