Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Critical Decision by Richard L. Mabry, M.D.

My thoughts: When one looks at a picture of Dr. Richard L. Mabry, retired physician, educator, and contributor to medical texts, one doesn't envision rapid paced life, kidnappings, and murderous events. Truly, doctors are faced the many cases where their "Critical Decision" invokes life and death options for their patients. And so to think of Dr. Mabry engaging his writing skills, capturing the essence of a medical event involving decisions that are critical for life, death, and unspeakable possibilities could be birthed in his mind and onto the screen of his computer truly stretches my imagination.

So as I began reading his latest novella, Critical Decision, I embarked on a fast emotional ride where one decision is critical and leads to others. And it all began with a package on the front porch, totally unexpected, and immediately compelling with the demands it elicited the recipient, Dr. Kathy Hoover.

From that moment on, the raw emotions of Kathy as she pursued this daunting task and the decision she made drove her forward and kept me turning the pages to see what was next on the scene.

Frankly, I couldn't figure out the mystery and the climatic end was such a surprise. I highly recommend. Dr. Mabry continues to be one of my favorite authors.

About the book: It began with an innocent-appearing package on her front porch
The box contained a cell phone, which rang as soon as she opened the package. A voice that called Dr. Kathy Hoover by name said that her husband had been kidnapped. To get him back she would have to poison one of her patients.

At first, she didn’t believe that her husband had been taken from the conference he was attending, but soon she discovered that the kidnappers really had Darren. If she wanted to see him again, she had to give medication that would murder Kelton Rush, former Vice-President. What was she to do? How would she handle this critical decision? You can find it on Amazon - click here

About the author: Dr. Richard Mabry is a retired physician, now writing “medical mysteries with heart.” In addition to his medical books, he is the author of one non-fiction book, six novellas, and thirteen published novels. His novels have been finalists for the Carol Award, the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, the Reviewer’s Choice Award, the Selah Award, and others.
He and his wife live in north Texas. In addition to regular efforts (thus far unsuccessful) to improve his golf game, he spends much of his time trying to convince his family that sitting at his desk staring into space does indeed represent work.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Advanced Reader's copy to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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