Monday, March 16, 2020

In these "novel" times, a bit of contemplation.... COVID-19 .... an "armchair chat"

Is the World in a mess? Is it in a dangerous place, space, time, and venue? Are you in this place, also, where you don't know what's next?

That is some of the anxious, muddled thinking, questioning, pondering that is taking place amongst us all and that is the fuel that is driving this mad, crazy, turmoil to contain this "novel" virus that has strode purposefully and with a vengeance upon the World Stage.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 has become a top priority issue. It causes fear. It causes disruption. It causes dismay. It causes mean-spirited behavior. It also is bringing out the "good" in man with care and concern for his brother and sister in the family of man. A sense of community can prevail over the hoarding, the grasping, the fear, the me-first behavior.

I am thankful for what our United States government and local governments are doing to derail this rapidly spreading virus. I will, purposely and intently, do my own part to derail it.

And to do this, I have been doing and will continue to do some of the following. And I am asking that my readers here on Chat With Vera will take this "chat" to heart and release your own fears and accept the challenge to stay strong and derail this virus by your own personal actions.

I will.....

  1. Pray for those who can not quarantine themselves because they are serving our communities..... doctors, nurses, police, firemen, military.
  2. Pray that the virus will naturally fade away relieving this World of its presence by simply dying out itself.
  3. Pray for those who are already afflicted. Individually, communities, states, countries. The toll is heart breaking.
  4. Pray that you yourself will remain cautious to viral contact and remain free of this illness.
  5. Shop as noninvasively as possible. Grocers are terrific at shopping for you. Some will even deliver to you. Some will drop your order at your door and you have no personal contact. Avail yourself of this opportunity. It helps to halt the spread of this virus.
  6. Shop as noninvasively as possible. Avail yourself of online ordering. Let your "fingers do the walking and talking" for you. Amazon, your grocer, your drugstore are terrific. And if you just must have a piece of clothing or a cosmetic, that, too can be ordered online. 
  7. Shop responsibly - By this I mean acquire what you need for a week, two, three. Have faith that store stocks will be replenished and that you, too, can replenish your pantry. Be considerate.
  8. Be thankful - Pray with thanksgiving for those who serve the communities as mentioned in #1. But also pray for your postal workers, Fed Ex, Amazon and other delivery services. Consider the vastly important work they are doing for you and the community.
Lastly, I admit that I am personally in that aged group that is in most danger if they acquire the Covid-19. I admit that it does create deep seated concern and fear in my own being and that of my family. My husband is frail, aged, and highly susceptible. So I am quite aware that this is not a virus or "flu" that is to be laughed at, shrugged off, or taken for granted. Cautious we must be

In my younger years I worked with the US Department of Health, Education, & Welfare (name of agency at the time). As personal secretary to the head of a research laboratory, I was flown to Atlanta, Georgia, to the CDC to spend a few days having a tour and understanding a bit of the work they and that my own agency did. I was so very impressed at the facility and the people. I was impressed with the dedication to their work. And at the research laboratory at which I worked, I was impressed with their research and it's worldwide impact. I was glad to be a small part of that. I feel confident that top quality individuals people the CDC and other fine agencies that are working to prevail over diseases  and also over COVID-19.

I challenge you to do your part to pray, be thankful, be diligent, be responsible.
--Vera Godley
Chat With Vera


  1. Thank you for this terrific article, advice and information.
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    1. Thank you, Maryann D. for your comment. Such a sad time worldwide. Much help needed from all areas and much prayer for sustained help from Almighty God.

  2. Everyone has to do their share of helping this situation like you said and definitely prayers!


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