Sunday, November 24, 2019

Protecting Tanner Hollow by Lynette Eason

My thoughts: I have had such fun and enjoyment reading this set of four novellas. Usually, I prefer full length novels, but do have a fondness for the shorter, less involved reads that novellas present to the reader. These were not joyful, happy, luvy-duvy stories. They were tense, action stories and all were set in the fictional quaint, small town Tanner Hollow in North Carolina.

The characters throughout the four novellas were connected just as you might expect them to be in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, (and their business) and there is a lot of kinship going on. The author, Lynette Eason, did a good joy of interweaving, yet not being repetitive, the livelihoods and connections that the people had with each other.

As I was reading, I found it easy to feel the tension and empathize with the heroines as they were involved with people and events that placed them in peril. I also found it handsomely fun giving me warm-fuzzy feeling when we had heroes of various types step in and rescue or solve problems for those in dire need.

I thoroughly enjoyed these light, but intense, and short reads. They filled a need in my life right now when I need interesting, short diversionary reads.

About the book:

Four novellas from bestselling author Lynette Eason take you to the town of Tanner Hollow and the men and women who keep it safe, trusting each other with their lives—and sometimes their hearts. Four nail-biting novellas in one!

Lethal Homecoming
Nolan Tanner never got over Kallie Ainsworth's sudden, unexplained departure. Now when he comes to her rescue after an attempt on her life, all the old feelings come rushing back.

Lethal Conspiracy
When professional fundraiser Lillian Maloney sees her father's campaign manager commit murder, she goes on the run from the men he hires to kill her. A close call brings firefighter Jason Tanner to the rescue, but the killer is closing in . . .

Lethal Secrets
Someone wants Honor McBride dead. When Eli Murphy helps her change a flat tire and discovers the danger Honor is in, he longs to help--but Eli has secrets of his own that could get them all killed.

Lethal Agenda
When Detective Derek St. John rescues a woman he's met only once before--and has never been able to forget--he finds himself falling for her. But he'll have to keep Claire Montgomery alive if they're to have a future together.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing, to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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