Monday, November 11, 2019


This beautifully packaged and made water "pick" or flosser was a product I had long wondered if it should be incorporated into my dental health routine. Our family has been twice-a-year professional dental cleaning, braces, regular care and top product users as far as our dental health goes. We just never got around to getting the water flosser. Just used regular flossing, picks, and brushing to maintain our teeth.

I can see that it will take some practice to learn to use this beautiful tool effectively without totally showering down myself and the bathroom. But it might just be worth the major learning curve. There are 4 tips. At first I thought perhaps they were for different family members and that is a way to use them. However, one has a "brush" tip made of soft rubbery plastic material which I assume is for actually pressing up to the gum line the facilitate penetration of the water into the narrow spots.

The rechargeable battery is a plus and it recharges via an USB cord connection. Makes it great for travel since most folks travel with USB connectivity. I am looking forward to using this new dental hygiene tool and am sure my dentist will applaud.

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