Saturday, November 2, 2019

ArtMartin by Americook Steamer/Casserole Granito Tech [Review]

Oh my! This is an absolutely stunningly beautiful pot. I haven't had a "real" steamer and have had to improvise. This is definitely one to get!

It is large capacity with a glass lid. The lid has a little vent hole (watch out for escaping hot steam!). I used it tonight for some steamed veggies and they were so good. No seasoning. Just the goodness of the veggies. I steamed a combination of baby carrots, zucchini and yellow squash, and broccoli. So easy to use.

This is obviously a high quality product and very well constructed. The care in packaging speaks volumes to me about the product. Outstanding! Made of aluminum and coated with ceramic, it is an excellent heat conductor as well as non-stick. The pot (bottom portion) can easily be used for other cooking purposes. The steamer is beautiful and shinny and large capacity for holding a large amount of veggies to steam.

Perks in addition to this lovely steamer include two pot holders - a square and a mitt. Nice! And a little sac to place your pot in for storage to help you retain its new look a bit longer.

Storage bag
Protective sleeve for lid

Again, I just love this steamer and know my family will delight in having a "real" steamer to steam their veggies in when they visit.

Check it out:

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DISCLOSURE: I received this product to facilitate a review. I was not compensated other than the product. Opinions are mine, alone and given after actually using the product.

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  1. I also wanted to buy this steamer, but, unfortunately, I didn't manage to find it in stores. Maybe, I need to order it via Internet.


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