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Who is Afraid of Little Wolf? by Yayo Kawamura [Review]

ISBN: 978-3791373812
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My thoughts:  The story is charming. The illustrations cute with nice bold strokes of black edging the drawings and bold colors. The little forest characters just simply fun to watch as they frolic across the pages of this sturdy board book.

Designed and written for the child ages 2-5, the board book presents a sweet little story of a wolf who can't find someone to play with. Now for any parent who has had a child come in from play time or from school saying, "No one would play with me" and watch them crestfallen, hurt, and perhaps crying this story will resonate. No matter the reason for the ostracism. It hurts.

The premise or aim as I see it for this story is to help overcome preconceived notions about prejudices in the selection of those with whom we associate. That is excellent! I applaud it.


Using the big bad wolf - even though in this story he is "Little Wolf" - as the one no one will play with is perhaps missing the mark. I don't fault the story. I just think that we parents teach our children that there are certain places and people we avoid. Not prejudicial and finding fault with people because of who they are racially, politically, ethically, religiously. But we simply teach our children that there are dangers that they avoid. And any self-respecting mama of a small critter will teach her little one that "small critter eating wolves" are to be avoided.

Now I am still going to share this adorable book with my newest family member - a precious great-grandson. I still think it is a good choice. I just think there was a slight error in which forest animal was the one to be avoided.
About the book: An enchanting board book that follows Little Wolf as he searches for someone to play with and carries a simple yet profound message about prejudice and preconceived notions.

Little Wolf is bored, and so he asks some other animals to play. But no one wants to join him--not the squirrel, nor the bunny, nor the fox. Their parents have told them not to play with wolves. But when Little Wolf meets a bee, she is brave enough to play and the two have a great time. The other animals see there's nothing to be afraid of and decide to join in. With bold colors and appealing characters this book packs a powerful lesson about overcoming prejudices and not judging someone before you know them.

YAYO KAWAMURA is a Berlin-based author and illustrator of children's books.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone, and are freely given.

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