Thursday, March 7, 2019

Don't Close Your Eyes: A Silly Bedtime Story by Bob Hostetler & published by Thomas Nelson

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My thoughts:  The artist beautifully renders twilight and deepening shadows of the evening and bedtime in shades of blue that are comforting and appealing instead of the blackness that is often scary to a small child. So a real plus for capturing this so nicely. Then the variety of animals portrayed in familiar bedtime settings is quite appealing and they are drawn with cute charm.

The story is told in rhyme that flows nicely but isn't perfect. All authors are not Robert Louis Stevenson, but many are quite good and this is a good rhyming story.

The premise is a sort of fun reverse psychology for when a child doesn't want to go to sleep and you tell them to go ahead and stay awake - don't close your eyes. Just stay in bed and don't close your eyes. Well, soon that little one will be sleeping away. Well, hopefully it works.

Let's face it. This is a charming board book with softened padded cover. And parents and kiddies can joke around about not closing your eyes all night long. The ending is quite cute and speaks of dreaming of each other. A sweet little thought with which to end the day.

Of note, this is published by Thomas Nelson Publishing (Tommy Nelson) which is a Christian publishing house. The book, however, makes no mention of Christianity, the Bible, or God. Not a problem; just that it makes the book appealing to secular audiences that want a sweet book for a little one.

About the book: Do your little ones resist going to sleep? Lull them to sleep with a fun bedtime challenge in Don’t Close Your Eyes!

Children have a lot of fun packed into a day, and they don't always want it to end. Award-winning author Bob Hostetler capitalizes on this by challenging little ones to keep their eyes open, no matter how heavy their eyelids may get. The soft rhymes about animals preparing for sleep will help them settle down until they finally close their eyes and sleep!

With silly and adorable characters whose sleepy faces will make you laugh out loud, Don’t Close Your Eyes is a unique bedtime book that your child will reach for again and again. Get ready for bed and say your prayers, but whatever you do, don't close your eyes!

DISCLOSURE: I recived a complimentary copy from the BookLook Review program on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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