Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SBR NUTRITION liquid vitamin supplements have the LiquidAdvantage [#sponsored #review]

I don't believe in loading my body or my husband's with a plethora of vitamins since I know that basically we consume nutritious food and in adequate quantities. But I do know that the medical profession and nutritionists recommend specific vitamins for specific needs as well as a multivitamin.

Taking a few of the specifics and a multi that our doctors recommend has resulted in a "Easter Egg Basket" type mixture and these get tiresome to swallow. All the time we've been ingesting these various tablets and capsules, I wondered if there was perhaps a better way,

Enter......  The Liquid Advantage.

The Liquid Advantage works nicely as you can take them straight into the mouth and swallow immediately or you can allow them to absorb under the tongue for a few moments prior to swallowing. Or you can add the vitamins to a liquid or a smoothie.

I found that I could add the three vitamins to a small amount of ice water and sip on it or drink it right down. The taste is quite pleasant. I can add a bit of tea, if I wish, as well.

Each of the supplements has a mild, pleasant taste
and can be taken straight into the mouth with a teaspoon.
Please don't administer into mouth straight from dropper!

SBR NUTRITION has the #LiquidAdvantage

Just what is it about SBR Nutrition liquid vitamins and nutritional products? Well, they are quicker and more easily absorbed because they are liquid. They deliver the product to your body better and more efficiently.

They are SO EASY TO CONSUME! I know this for a fact. Sometimes I just don't feel like I can take another big pill, so I skip my vitamins. With these easy-to-consume products, it is so much easier to take them.  Love it!

They are made in the USA so you can  be assured that the standard of production and quality of product are governed by US regulations.

They are Non-GMO. That means a lot to a lot of folks. So you can rest assured on that fact. The Biotin, B12, Turmeric, Theanine are Vegan.

Let's talk about the three #LiquidAdvantage SBR Nutition products

Liquid Biotin: Often called “the beauty nutrient” because of the nourishment it delivers your hair, skin and nails to those that are deficient in Biotin. This member of the B-vitamin complex is a key cofactor of enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism, helping to supply cells with energy.
My thoughts: This is a colorless, cloudy liquid that has a mild taste. Not offensive by itself and works well in a liquid to drink your biotin supplement. Love the advantages to healthy hair and nails that biotin provides. I've used a chewable biotin supplement in the past and loved it (not a fan of pills) and this liquid promises to be a real winner.
Liquid Vitamin B12: A breakthrough in vitamin B-12 supplementation with Methylcobalamin, the neurologically active form of B-12. Traditional B-12 supplements give you cyanocobalamin, a form that the body must convert into methylcobalamin to harness its neuro-nourishing potential. Our Methylcobalamin completes this conversion for you, so your body gets more active B-12 faster, for the health of your entire nervous system.
My thoughts:  I learned from a neurologist that Vitamin B12 can slow the advancement of dementia. A worthy reason to use Vitamin B12 supplements. I am thinking perhaps that the Vitamin B12 will also benefit clearer thinking for all of us. The SBR Nutrition source and method of dispensing - #LiquidAdvantage - is a real plus. I'm not a chemist or medical professional and can't attest to proven benefits, but I like the idea that the Methylcobalamin, the neurologically active form of B-12, is the source in the SBR Nutrition product.
Liquid Turmeric: Turmeric continues to garner attention from the health community, thanks to its antioxidant properties and potential to help support cardiovascular health, provide natural pain relief and promote healthy joints. Despite their extraordinary potential, many herbs can have limited benefits due to poor absorption. SBR Nutrition helps alleviate this absorption issue by bringing you our high quality Turmeric Curcumin liquid drops. Our liquid formula helps ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs — faster.
My thoughts: I hate to say it because it is a sure sign of aging, but my joints ache. My back. My elbows. My knees. My fingers. My feet. The ache seems to wander to and fro over the whole geographic map of my body. Not every day. But enough that it is bothersome and worrisome. So I have begun to explore the use of Turmeric as an aid to joint pain and discomfort. Turmeric is that yellow seasoning called Curcumin that is in lots of food products. I have used a Turmeric infused chewable supplement and liked the taste and the idea that I didn't have to swallow yet another pill. The SBR Nutrition liquid provides another method that is easy to use and the rapid absorption makes it even more appealing.

These products are all "Made in the USA" which makes them especially appealing to me. 

Find out more and/or purchase it at:

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary products from SBR Nutrition to facilitate this #sponsored #review. Opinions are mine alone and are given only after I have used the products and experienced their effect on myself and/or my family. I was not compensated for this review. Product information is provided by SBR Nutrition but opinions are mine.

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