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Food Fight: A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate What and Why Through the Ages (National Geographic Kids Books) [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts: Frankly, I am amazed at the interwoven history, geography, and foods that National Geographic has cooked up for young readers in this book. The expertise of author Tanya Steel in the food industry has lent itself well to the development of recipes that are adapted from perceived foods and recipes of long-ago peoples. Beginning with prehistoric era and the beginning use of fire to cook food provides an interesting study for history buffs or budding history buffs.

Man's journey through the years has involved an interesting evolution of dietary  choices. How man found and adapted the foods available to him to suit his tastes and his ability to prepare it through an also evolving methodology is quite interesting.

The book is chronological from early history of man and food to current day. The author's conjecture is that domestication of animals began when man thought that creating a "pen" of sorts to keep the animals close at hand would enable them to have the food source readily available without having to hunt. Likewise, the development of agriculture and growing of crops close at hand rather than gathering from afar.

This frankly funny and intriguingly interesting book is rife with pictures that make for a feast for the eyes. The recipes compiled by Tanya Steel are not beyond the scope and interest of kids. So whilst a parent (or teacher) may steer youngsters toward the contents of Food Fight: A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate What and Why Through the Ages, they will find themselves sneaking into the kitchen to  test the adapted recipes for themselves.

I like the easy to understand pictorial time line at the back of the book and the index which facilitates ease of information access.

This is such a fun book and I think that libraries of all types as well as history buffs and foodies will enjoy and benefit from getting a copy of this book.

About the book: This fall, bestselling author and world-renowned food industry leader Tanya Steel takes young readers on a culinary tour of history in Food Fight!: A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate What and Why Through the Ages. From the discovery of fire a million years ago, to the domestication of animals in the Neolithic era, to the potential future of Martian agriculture, Steel looks at history through the lens of food to answer questions about the origins of today’s common foods, marvelous inventions that changed the way we ate and cooked and 30 kid-tested historical recipes, each specific to a particular time and place. All recipes are healthy and designed for big people and their little foodies to make together. From turning a lunch box into an edible time machine to making dinner on Hallows Eve to match your Captain America or Wonder Woman costume (the Victory Garden Soup is delish!).

Did you know that Christopher Columbus set out on his most famous voyage in search not of the new world, but cinnamon? Or that rich people in the Middle Ages served flaming peacocks and spun sugar castles to their lucky dinner party guests? Did you ever wonder why M&Ms were invented? (Hint: That candy coating isn't just for decoration!)? The quest for food has inspired all kinds of adventures and misadventures around the world, and this book explores the wildest and wackiest of them all, from prehistoric times through modern day.

Each chapter of Food Fight! focuses on a major period of world history —  from Prehistoric cavekids, to the Industrial Revolution, to World War II, to the present day and beyond — and examines politics, culture and class difference as they are reflected in the cuisine du jour. This highly visual collection is full of colorful sidebars, historical photos, “Yucky Habits of Yore”, quizzes, and even period-accurate recipes that will take readers’ taste buds back in time: Johnny-on-the-Spot Cakes, Let Them Eat Quiche, Lentil Stew for Junior Olympiads, and more. Steel brings her extensive knowledge and experience to bear in an educational and entertaining guide that is perfect for foodies, future chefs, and history buffs of all ages.

Author Tanya Steel is a global food industry leader in every aspect.  She initiated the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge & annual Kids' "State Dinner” at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama. Steel is the former editorial director of Clean Plates,, Gourmet Live, and, she was an editor at Bon App├ętit and Food & Wine, and wrote for the New York Times for four years. She co-wrote the award-winning Real Food for Healthy Kids, and The Epicurious Cookbook, a New York Times best seller. In addition to guest judging on Hell’s Kitchen, IronChef and MasterChef she has been featured on made many national television shows including  The Today Show, Fox & Friends, The Early Show and Good Morning America.
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