Monday, May 21, 2018

The Accidental Guardian (High Sierra Sweethearts #1) by Mary Connealy

My thoughts:  Author Mary Connealy writes easy to read, often fun and light hearted, western historical romances. Even if I didn't know she is a delightfully "fun read," after seeing the cover of The Accidental Guardian with a big, strong cowboy holding the hand of an ethereal small girl, I was hooked.

Who doesn't love a good story of a man being a savior of ladies and small children? What's not to love?

The story opens with a bang up scene of two ladies and two little ones slipping from a wagon train to take care of "necessities" and whilst in the woods, hidden by the foliage, the wagon train is attacked and burned! Horrors! Now they are abandoned in a wilderness with no food, no help, no transportation and scared out of their wits.

And then..... along comes a stranger on a horse with a tag-along wolf-dog. He takes them under his wing and back to his "ranch." Now we all know that you simply don't go off with strange men. We all know you don't even talk to them. And we all know they couldn't survive in the situation in which they found themselves. So, the two ladies and the two small children and the strange man with his one horse and dog leave.

What follows is a story of gallant men of the west during the raw pioneer days and their care and respect for these two ladies. A story of adventure also follows as the band of mean men who attacked their wagon train haunt the trails and the dreams of the "guardian" and the ladies left bereft.

And of course, a sweet romance springs forth. But it isn't all despair, adventure, and romance. There is a liberal sprinkling of faith. And I believe the stage is set for a couple other books in this series with the introduction of characters about whom we'd love to know.

Another good to read book from author, Mary Connealy.

About the book: Trace Riley has been self-appointed guardian of the trail ever since his own wagon was attacked. When he finds the ruins of a wagon train, he offers shelter to survivor Deborah Harkness and the children she saved. Trace and Deborah grow close working to bring justice to the trail, but what will happen when the attackers return to silence the only witness?

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and are freely given.

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing at Booknificent Thursday on!


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