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An Atlas of Imaginary Places by Mia Cassany and illustrated by Ana de Lima [Review & USA/CANADA Giveaway]

ISBN: 978-3791373478
Hardcover $19.95
Ages 4 and up
Prestel Publishing
My thoughts:  What happens when someone simply lets their imagination conjure up places to see that have never been seen? What about plants or animals never seen? What would your drawings of a mapping of these places, plants, and animals actually look like?

And what would your "telling" of this imagined place be like?

When author Mia Cassany and illustrator Ana de Lima imagined this imaginary places atlas, they delved into the dream world of upside down worlds of mountains, fish raining from the sky, critters changing colors (and patterns) upon a sneeze you might make.

They pictured this in the dreamy pastels that evoke softness and other-worldliness. The drawing are whimsical with an ethereal loveliness.

With a flowing text that simply narrates the possibilities of a labyrinth of dreams and imaginings, the book has more value in the perusal and discoveries to be made of the drawings. Young readers and younger non-readers will have a grand time finding the smallest details and then pursing their own imaginary places.

In a world of floating upside-down moutains

About the book: Upside-down mountains, volcanoes that spew bubble gum, a gentle humpback whale keeping an entire city afloat. These and other wonderful worlds may not exist on Earth, but elsewhere--who knows? Each spread of this captivating book invites readers on a fantastic voyage. Ana de Lima's whimsical, softly colored illustrations are filled with surprising details that reward close examination, while Mia Cassany's soothing narrator is a nameless fellow traveler. A jungle where the animals exchange stripes, spots, and markings each time they sneeze, an archipelago made up of dessert-shaped islands, and a lighthouse so tall you can draw a new galaxy with your finger are just some of the wild places to visit. Perfect for before-bed reading, or daytime dreaming, this stunningly illustrated book will delight young readers and encourage them to conjure their own imaginary places.
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PrestelDISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from MMPublicity on behalf of the publisher and author to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own alone and are freely given.


  1. "What would your "imaginary place" look, smell, and sound like?" Probably a lot like Paris, with some surrealism added!

    "How do you enable yourself or a child in your care to use their imagination creatively?" Tell them to draw and read!

  2. My imaginary place is a mountainside cabin with fresh baked apple pie.

  3. What would your "imaginary place" look, smell, and sound like? It would be comfortable, smell like freshly baked cookies and have Christmas music playing.

    How do you enable yourself or a child in your care to use their imagination creatively? We create stories and tell them to each other.

  4. My imaginary place would be a farmhouse with a wraparound porch with a swing. Me with a book and a glass of lemon/tea and a gentle spring breeze.

    I provide saved items such as paper towel rolls and pretty kleenex boxes ro my grandsons to make things out of. Stickers and tape and stapler help.

  5. My imaginary place has plenty of water, boats, sunshine and easy breezes. Like going on vacation is a dream this place has people who are friendly and neighborly plus animals that are gentle. The foliage is mind-boggling and hypnotizes with the scent of fragrant flowers.

  6. This looks delightful! Thanks for sharing at Booknificent Thursday on!

  7. I try and make sure my daughter has everything she needs to fuel her imagination.

  8. Mine would be lots of relaxation spots & creativity spots! For all to enjoy with healthy snacks & books to read during relaxation!

  9. My son and I share an imaginary place where dragons are real, but friendly.

  10. What would your "imaginary place" look, smell, and sound like?
    My imaginary place would be warm, quiet, and smell of fresh cut grass. There would be a huge soft pillow hammock where I could sit and read.

    How do you enable yourself or a child in your care to use their imagination creatively?
    My niece and I love to do arts and crafts together. I choose the projects, but her imagination runs the show. The last project we did together was turning a huge cardboard box into a house. We made an angled roof, cut out windows and a door. The next time she comes over we are going to paint it. She wants flower boxes under the windows.


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