Friday, May 18, 2018

Tealyra© has borosilicate glass Carafe "Jambo" that is superb for hot or cold beverages (#sponsored)

If you visit the Tealyra website you will find a plethora of teas that will satisfy the tea lover's quest for that special tea they love. Whether it is a daily tea beverage you wish to consume or a special tea that is hard to find. Tealyra has teas.

But Tealyra© also has a nice assortment of tea accessories such as tea pots made of various materials and lovely pitchers. And in today's world of amazing materials, the beautiful borosilicate glass tea pots and pitchers make brewing and serving hot and cold beverages a wonderful experience.

Recently I reviewed the Tealyra tea pot and now I have the opportunity to use and tell you about my experience with a lovely Tealyra borosilicate glass pitcher. It holds 67 ozs. and has a metal lid with strainer.
Jambo borosilicate glass Carafe can be used on stovetop

If you like to strain the pulp from your orange juice, you can use this. If you like to serve veggie or fruit water infusions, you can slice and dice whatever you wish to toss into your pitcher of water. When you're ready to serve your beverage, the strainer keeps the bits and pieces and slices in the pitcher and you just pour your delightful  beverage.
Filter attached to underneath the lid filters as the beverage is poured.
I am serving a lovely black tea that is chilled and has added ice for coldness.

I like that I can brew my large pot of tea and take it straight out to serve. Why you could easily serve at least eight guests cups of tea with this lovely pitcher!

Needless to say, I think this is a real winner and I can recommend you look at the Tealyra© pitchers to see if you find one that delights you.

Straight into the 'fridge for storage. Cold beverages
work great in this lovely carafe.

Product description (from TeaLyra© website) Buy it - Click here

Tealyra shows the carafe with orange/citrus
juice that will be strained when poured.
Minimalist modern super large capacity glass pitcher (Carafe) can be used to serve both hot or cold beverages! Composed of high-quality borosilicate glass, our artistic design and transparent body allow you to clearly see the mouthwatering beverage it contains.

The elegant stainless steel lid fits tightly into the mouth of the pitcher so it will not fall out while serving. This is the perfect option for hot tea, iced tea, fruit infused water, punch, sangria!

Design features:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant glass; Stove-top Safe
  • Large capacity holds 67.5 oz (2000ml/2L) of liquid
DISCLOSURE: I was provided this product complimentary to facilitate this review. This is a #sponsored review. However, all opinions are my own and are given with no stipulation that a positive review must be given.

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