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The Melody of the Soul (Music of Hope book #1) by Liz Tolsma (World War II Historical Fiction) [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts:     I find it quite disconcerting to read of the soul-searching inner turmoil and the bitter and senseless mistreatment of others that are found in stories that involve the treatment of Jews and those who helped them during World War II. Horrific! Inhumane! Senseless! Evil!

I find, too, the strength of people faced with such calamity encouraging to my weak spirit as I read of their inner strength and faith when faced with the horrors of the time.

In The Melody of the Soul the author writes of loss of faith and strength of faith. She shows us the loveliness that is found in music reaching the depths of the soul caressing and gentling it to the point that one finds themselves settled, able to cope, and renewed. The melody is not only in the music. The melody is that which is in tune with the Almighty. The God of the ages. The Saviour.

This is a lovely story but it is also one that wrenches the soul and the heart. Those were times of much evil and much meanness toward those perceived and declared different. Ms. Tolsma writes with skill and gently leads the reader down the streets and into the homes and on into the heart of the characters.

You may find yourself gripped with the story yet unable to continue reading because your own heart must settle before you can turn another page. No, there is no detailed ugliness in the writing. The spirit of the events is adequately presented yet not to a point of being gross.

I highly recommend this book.

The author and the music of the book...... I don’t listen to music when I write, because I need complete silence in order to concentrate. The book is filled with references to classical music, because Anna was a concert violinist. The following are some of the songs that appear in the book. The most significant song, and the one that sounds like what I envision the tone of the book to be, is Csárdás.

  • Mozart Violin Concerto Number Three
  • Vittorio Monti’s Csárdás
  • Paganini’s 24 Caprices
  • Bach Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Minor
  • Anton Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony in D Minor
  • Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony.
  • Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

About the book: It's 1943 and Anna Zadok, a Jewish Christian living in Prague, has lost nearly everything. Most of her family has been deported, and the Nazi occupation ended her career as a concert violinist. Now Anna is left to care for her grandmother, and she'll do anything to keep her safe---a job that gets much harder when Nazi officer Horst Engel is quartered in the flat below them.

Though musical instruments have been declared illegal, Anna defiantly continues to play the violin. But Horst, dissatisfied with German ideology, enjoys her soothing music. When Anna and her grandmother face deportation, Horst risks everything to protect them.

Anna finds herself falling in love with the handsome officer and his brave heart. But what he reveals might stop the music forever.

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Meet the Author: Liz Tolsma's specialty is historical fiction---from WWII to prairie romance. Her debut novel was a finalist for the 2014 Selah and Carol Award. She prides herself in excellent storytelling, presenting accurate historical details, and creating persevering characters.

Liz is also a popular speaker on topics such as writing, marriage, living with courage, and adoption. She and her husband have adopted all their children internationally. Liz resides in semi-rural Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters; her son currently serves as a U.S. Marine. Liz is a breast cancer survivor and lives her life to the fullest. In her free time, she enjoys reading, working in her large perennial garden, kayaking, and camping with her family.

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  1. Love music. My dad was a music lover and instilled that in me. He loved classical and while I'm not too into that, I love many types.

  2. I especially enjoy listening to music. I like classical music as well as bluegrass.

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  3. I use to travel with my family and sing gospel music into my twenties. I sang with my family in church until at age 35, I began having dystonic seizures. I still love music, but my sensitive hearing only allows a few at a time Music has got me through many a dark hour.

  4. Love music...especially the ole time gospel groups!

  5. I love all kinds of music! I listen to pop, rock, Christian music, classical, alternative, a occasionally country. Music is a huge part of my life! I like to play music as much as possible.

  6. I am not a musician (well, perhaps just a very, very amateur, "recreational" musician), but I LOVE music. It is the backdrop of my life. For me, nothing can help express, reinforce or alleviate my emotions like music - both making it and listening to it. My favorite types of music would have to be Country, Acoustic rock and Christian music. Christian music pumps me up, I like acoustic rock when I’m in a mellow mood and country when I feel a little sad .

  7. I like listening to music. I just enjoy any music that speaks to me. I don't have a particular genre of music that I like better than others.

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  9. I love music. I play the piano and love classical and also Christian music.

  10. I love listening to music, especially when I want to tune everything out and help to relax me. My favorite music genre is old school R&B.


  11. Music can be such a powerful thing, I can't do much more than pick out the melody of a song on the piano, but always loved it.

  12. My favorite type of music is pop/rock.

  13. This sounds so good, but I, like you, can only handle so much of the cruelty of WW2 at a time! Thanks for sharing this on Booknificent Thursday at!

  14. I love listening to music. My favorites are christian praise and country.
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  15. I enjoy listening to all types of music. Classic Country is my favorite. It is part of where I grew up.


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