Wednesday, December 27, 2017

With Love, From Me to You by Dr. Mary Manz Simon Published by Zondervan

My thoughts: This lovely little board book presents the concept of being loved and showing love in a light-hearted, gentle, sweet, and fun method using the tried and true rhyming text that helps to imprint the ideas and words on the  mind and heart of the young "reader" and listener.

While the "mail-bear" appears to have a mail pouch stuffed with valentines, love is a message that is appropriate anytime and all the time and therefore this book is not just a "Valentine" book. The book's publication launch date was December 26, 2017 which is timely for the upcoming Valentine holiday. But as I said, the message to extend love is appropriate at all times.

Cute, friendly, smiling animals populate this charming book. The little train that traverses the countryside is adorable and just begs to be played with. Alas, it stays ont the pages. The flitting birds, fluffy clouds, and floating dandelion puffs lend airy happiness. But the sharing of love with those around is the  message and it is clearly stated in the text and images. A joyful, delightful book to present to a young child to help them get beyond the "me" stage to the "you" stage.
A red heart sends a message
that says "I so love you,"
but we can send those same words
in what we say and do. 
If I see someone crying
or looking very sad,
I'll stop to show some kindness
and he won't feel so bad.

About the book: With Love, From Me to You is a board book for little ones that will remind them how important it is to love and be loved. With adorable illustrations and sweet, rhyming text by bestselling author Dr. Mary Manz Simon, this book shows children how important their actions and words are in expressing God’s great love with one another. Parents will enjoy reading this book on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year to encourage their children to remember that love is more than gifts and candy; it’s about doing for others and sending love to everyone who’s near.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from the BookLook Blogger Review Program on behalf of the publisher, Zondervan, to facilitate an honest review of the book. Opinions are my own, alone, and are freely given.

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