Friday, December 22, 2017

A Christmas treat: The scrumptious fruit of the East done up in delectable date-nut balls

Memories of past Christmas time meander around my mind of home as I grew up and later when I had an established home of my own. The foods and treats of the holiday season are forever imprinted on my mind and conjure taste pleasures that only these treats can produce.

Recently, my oldest child that is no longer a child herself brought to my recollection those delectable date-nut balls made with succulent dates that we only enjoyed during the Christmas season.

My mother made these and in later years I did. My family through the years made short work of the small abundance that was these small, rich, delicious orbs. So I thought...... "Why not give the family, and now the "grands," a taste. So the grocer reaped a harvest as I sought out dates, sugar, eggs, nuts, butter, coconut, and Rice Krispies. Only top grade ingredients will do for this treat, though store brands might suffice.

I measured, stirred, cooked, cooled, and hand-rolled the mixture. As I finished I couldn't resist tasting the scrapings of the pot that the mixture recently vacated. Just a wee taste. Well, I tell you, this is so good, so rich, so absolutely delicious.


I didn't take the time to rifle through my hodge-podge of accumulated cards and scraps of paper that hold family treasures. I went online as modern cooks do and found three.

No sure I wanted to use either, I sort of used bits 'n pieces of each calling to mind that "my recipe included...." and that doesn't see like enough.....

These are pictures of  the work in progress. Sorry I failed to snap a picture of the pot of bubbly goodness while it was actually in the process of becoming itself.

Oh, I'd love to share with you, but I'm afraid there might not be enough for my family and you.

Enjoy your own Christmas treats and make memories that last through the years.

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