Thursday, January 26, 2017

Freddie Ramos Rules New York (Zapato Power #6) by Jacqueline Jules & illustratrated by Miguel Benítez [Review & Giveaway]

ISBN13: 9780807594971
Hardcover - $14.99
Albert Whitman & Co. Pub.
My thoughts: This is my first exposure to Freddie Ramos and his wonderful shoes. This early chapter book has just the amount of text in the vernacular that will engage the young reader, especially boys, and a sprinkling of pen drawings.

I love the positive attitude portrayed in the character of Freddie Ramos and his desire to be helpful. But this is not an overtly sweet, do good to others book. No, this is a fun book about a young boy who perceives he has super powers from the wonderful wristband (previously given to him by his friend, Mr. Vaslov) and his Zapato shoes.

If you've every truly watched a small child when they have a brand new pair of colorful sneakers, especially those with flashing lights, you know the personality lift the shoes seem to impart. Well, Mr. Vaslov has previously given Freddie a pair of purple Zapatos and now they are too small. Almost magically, Mr. Vaslov brings a new pair to Freddie just before Freddie and his mother leave for a trip to New York.

His adventures in New York with his "superpowers" are fun to read. The story flows smoothly. There is a tiny sprinkling of Spanish words or phrases which enriches the reading. Gently the words are re-said in English in the flow of the text without appearing to be "teachy."

I'd love to see the entire set of these positive, well done books in elementary libraries across the country.

About the book: Freddie and his mom are visiting Uncle Jorge in New York City! Just before they leave, Mr. Vaslov gives Freddie a new pair of zapatos to replace the ones that were getting too small. But Freddie worries if his new zapatos will work as well as his old ones. Will Freddie be able to save the day when Uncle Jorge misplaces an engagement ring in the middle of a New York City traffic jam?

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ENDS February 16 at 12:01 a.m. EST
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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from the author to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I was not compensated.


  1. I think for early readers the illustrations are very important. Pictures, especially bright, simple pictures are what catches kids' attention.

  2. The facts I find interesting is she has always wanted to be a writer and is also a teacher and a librarian.

  3. I think the images help tell the story and play an important part of the experience.
    Either a simple pen illustration or full color is fine with me but I think the color will get the attention of the children more.

  4. I really like the theme of sharing for children right now. They are not taught that enough.
    I think they prefer just "happy". Some children do not have a happy home life.

  5. I think children like to read humorous stories about kids like them. This applies to both boys and girls.

  6. I like Children's books to have themes concerning friendships and manners.

  7. The illustrator in any book is important. The illustrations should be in color.

  8. I was surprised to learn she is a poet and a teacher,too.


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