Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tornado Tamer by Terri Fields & llustrated by Laura Jacques

Ages 4-8, Grades K-3
Hardcover $17.95
ISBN: 9781628557336

My thoughts: Arbordale Publishing produces some terrific books for elementary age children. They are usually a bit of nature, a bit of science, a bit of math, and just sheer fun. In Tornado Tamer the animals in the town are taken in by the claims of the flamboyant peacock who is the town's Mayor. It seems they have a major problem with tornadoes and are quite afraid of them. The Mayor's solution is to bring in an expert, Weasel.

Weasel says he can take care of them by protecting the town with a very large cover over the town. Weasel really weaseled himself in by declaring only those who were smart could actually see the cover. Everyone believes, except mouse.

The illustrations by Laura Jacques are simply charming. All the animals have real personality that exudes from their faces and their dress. Love seeing their charming dresses and suits and their faces are adorable. Mayor Peacock's tail feathers are particularly flamboyant as is his style and personality. And weasel is sly and conniving.

The story has several strong points. It is a good story where the people are deceived by a sly and cunning individual. But not only is the story fun to read and the illustrations captivating, the story line brings in facts about tornadoes. Super good learning opportunity and really gets an A+ in my book for entertaining, enthralling, and educational.

Then at the back of the book there is a Creative Minds section that includes lots of interesting information which is presented in great format. These make this book particularly good for schools and homeschools.

  • Tornadoes
  • Weather Glossary
  • What to Do If a Tornado Approaches
  • Enhanced Fujita Tornado Damage Scale
  • Birth of a Tornado
  • Make Your Own Tornado 
About the book: In this adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes, Mayor Peacock declares he will hire a tornado tamer to protect the town. After a long search, Travis arrives to fill the position and this weasel has a plan. He will build a very special, transparent cover to protect the town. Travis’ magical cover is so transparent that only those smart enough and special enough can even see it. Mouse is doubtful, but his questions are brushed off. Months later, the cover has been hung and Travis has been paid a hefty sum, but a tornado is in the distance and the town is in its path. Will the magic cover protect the town?

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy by Arbordale Publishing to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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