Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Toddler Bible By Juliet David & Chris Embleton-Hall from Candle Books

$12.99 | Hardback| Candle Books​
My thoughts: Getting the little ones to sit still while we share God's Word with them can be daunting at times. So we resort to imparting God's truth to them with various tools. These can either be too dense and wordy or either too short and trite.

With the My Toddler Bible I found that the size of the book is just right for toddler's hands. The illustrations clear, bright, and enticing to the young child. Now the meat of the book is really what it says or the truth it imparts, isn't it? Well, Juliet David again does a fabulous job of giving enough, well worded text that the story is told with enough detail to gain the attention of that little listener and yet not bore them.

The clincher is this..... at the end of each little story, the truth of the story is effortlessly stated so that not only is it "story-time" but it is also "truth-in-learning" time. Wonderful!

For example: with the story of the lost sheep, the last lines are...
How pleased the shepherd was that he'd found his lost sheep again. God is happy too, when Jesus finds lost people and they return to Him.
And the parable of Sowing the Seeds....
Jesus explained this story to his friends. "Sowing the seeds is link sowing God's message," Jesus said. "Some falls on the path, or on rocky ground. People get excited by God's message - but soon they give up. But some falls on good soil. People hear God's message, and keep it in their heart.

The stories are separated into Old Testament and New Testament and follow the same sequence in which they would be found in the regular version of the Bible. Each of the 20 stories is several pages long with several lines of text and a picture on each page. The text flows effortlessly in "story-time" style.

An ideal little book for toddlers and one that they will fall in love with and ask repeatedly for "Bible Time." The toddler probably will still love this book when they begin reading on their own. And families with several children will find that this is a great way for the older children to read to the young ones.

About the book: Fans of Chris Embleton-Hall's cheerfully distinctive artwork will be eager to see this new Bible! Twenty stories--nine from the Old Testament and eleven from the New--are retold in a concise and friendly manner in a rounded, easy-to-read font. Very, very bright, and very, very fun!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Kregel on behalf of the author and Lion Hudson publishing to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I was not compensated.

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  1. The text really seems to hit the mark well. It doesn't seem watered down like so many children's Bible story books are. Thanks for sharing with us at Booknificent Thursday on this week!


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