Friday, February 5, 2016

GL-Sail(TM) Fine Art Oil Colored Pencil for Drawing and Sketching and Pencil Wrap (Set of 48 Assorted Colors)

It has been years since I've colored and most of the time it was with my young children using crayons, watercolor paints, or children's inexpensive coloring pencils. The new trend of adult coloring books and quality coloring pencils finally caught my attention and so here we are - Chat With Vera is coloring!

To do that you need a well designed coloring book (this is not your typical coloring book, folks) and a quality set of pencils with which to fill in those teeny, tiny artistic and fantasy style books. I had the opportunity to get a set of GL-Sail Fine Art Oil Colored Pencils to do this. The set of 48 arrived securely with not a point broken.

The range of colors is very nice and you can go from barely there to fairly intense color. Not strikingly intense, though. There is a strong leaning in this selection toward the neutrals and shades of blue - browns, beautiful greys, blues, slates, and a silver and a gold. I fully expected points to snap easily when applying pressure to deepen the color. This has not happened so far. I don't know if these are "artist grade," but I do know they are very nice and much better than the run-of-the-mill coloring pencils.

There is also a case that you can use to protect and carry the pencils around. It is heavy material with little pockets for each and every pencil. It will protect really well. And the design of the material is awesome!
Pencils are all spread out and I've begun to color this fantasy tale.

The case is beautiful, with vibrant colors and a striking design. It can be rolled to a compact size and tied securely with the rope/tie protecting your pencils as you carry them around with you.
Vera's first attempt at using the pencils and
experimenting with pressure and position.
So..... are you ready to begin the journey into adult coloring? There is plethora of styles of books available and these GL-Sail Fine Art Oil Colored Pencils will work very nicely for you.

Product information (from GL-Sail) - See it on Amazon - click here

  • 48 Exclusive Assorted Colors: You can vary the color of the pencil to achieve different effects. The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look, but using gradient color will make a soothing atmosphere of the drawing.
  • Practicability in Use: Ideal for Secret Garden Adult Coloring Books, Artist Sketch Scrapbooking&Sketching! Great pens to sketch, draw, doodle, write and get creative in a fun and skilled way. 
  • Ultra Quality: With stream-lined design of pencil holder and super fine tip ensure smooth and comfortable writing and drawing. The strong tip prevents from breaking, ensuring a longer life for your pencil.
  • Easy and Convenient to Carry-on: The pencil wrap helps keep your color pens always organized. And each pencil can be stored in its own individual insert.
  • Security Assurance: It is a lead-free and non-toxic oil colored pencil, which are made using wood from sustainable forests. Children or adults may use it safely. Perfect gift for painting lovers.

I received my pencils are a nicely discounted price to help facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I was not compensated to do the review.

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