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Healthy, fresh food with #EVOO from Bellucci Premium - Fast Track to Italy Bellucci Olive Oil Giveaway

Cooking "Southern" is really a way of eating and today's cooking "Southern" differs a bit from what it was 50 years ago. As a Southern lady who has cooked "Southern" for a l-o-n-g time, I can say that it simply is not going to go away. It is here to stay and we Southerners like it.

Now that doesn't mean that other types of cooking are not just as good, it just means a difference. When I cook "Southern" I don't use animal fats the way we used to do. We used ham hocks (end shank of ham with lots of taste), streak-o-lean, bacon drippins, etc. But thanks to being more educated about our health and good nutrition, we "don't do that anymore"! I've been using Olive Oil for quite awhile now to season my Southern foods. I saute with light olive oil and season with extra virgin.

That is good for the heart and general health. I recently learned more really good facts about olive oil. Folks, there is a difference in olive oils. I thought purchasing the more expensive oils in the grocery store was doing good. But there is still a better way to determine what you're using and how good it is.

I'm learning that extra virgin doesn't always mean extra good. There is actual fraud in the olive oil market. The Bellucci olive oils can be traced to where the olives were harvested and when.  You can trace where grown and harvested and when. You can trace them to the bottle you hold in your hand. Grab the information on how you can do this. Lots of good information can be gleaned about these terrific olive oils from an App that you can download from their website.

Here are some things I've been doing as I "Cook Southern" using the Bellucci Premium Olive Oils..... 

(Keep in mind, that there is a plethora of cooking styles and in any cooking style, you can add quality and excellent taste.)

Cooking fresh salmon: I marinated it in lemon juice and Bellucci 100% Italian Organic EVOO with salt, pepper, and paprika.Then I baked it until done and nicely browned.

Dinner of fresh salmon, canned garden peas seasoned with basil,
chopped onion, and Bellucci EVOO. The bread is cheddar biscuits.

Another evening I prepared a couple dishes using Bellucci Toscano PGI EVOO. Oh, this is a wonderful EVOO. The fragrance and taste are superb!

Using Bellucci Toscano PGI EVOO: I cut Yukon Gold potatoes in 1/8 slices. Seasoned them with salt, pepper, basil, and thyme. After drizzling the Toscano EVOO generously over all, I tossed making sure all sides were liberally coated with oil and seasonings. Baked at 425 until they were toasty done. The Yukon Gold potato is my "go to" potato.
Now we're going to go with that "Southern cooking" and doing it really healthy and flavorful. Using the Bellucci Toscano PGI EVOO, I prepared turnip greens with diced turnip root (this is a frozen product). Seasoned simply with salt and pepper and a generous amount of the Toscano EVOO, I cooked it until soft and tender - truly Southern. This Toscano EVOO was truly wonderful with the greens.
In preparing tonight's dish of vegetables, I chose the Bellucci Premium with the red heart on the label. It is 100% Italian EVOO Primary cultivars: Coratina, Ogliarola and Carolea as cultivars; Origin: Puglia. Veggies chosen were sweet onion, yellow squash, and broccoli. I cut the onion and squash and seasoned with Mrs. Dash (yellow lid), an herbal seasoning, and salt. I liberally drizzled the 100% Italian from Puglia over the chopped veggies. Then I lidded the pot and placed it on a med-high burner (NO water). Allowing it to very lightly brown and create it's own juices as it slightly caramelized. 

As the squash and onions began to slightly brown on bottom and as onions began to take on a transparency, I placed the broccoli atop. I did not stir. Again, I lidded the pot and allowed to carmelize and tenderize. The broccoli simply steams in place.

Serving the carmelized and tender squash and onions separated from the broccoli on the serving platter. Very tasty and I absolute loved this 100% Italian EVOO from Puglia.

How to Recognize True Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here are 5 Tips for recognizing REAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil: (source - click here)

  • Be suspicious of any extra virgin olive oil that costs less than $10 a liter.
  • Look for a seal from the International Olive Oil Council (IOC).
  • Look for a harvesting date on the label
  • Anything labeled light, pure, or a blend isn’t virgin quality.
  • Shop for oils in dark bottles.  This protects the oil from oxidation.
  • Also, Extra virgin olive oil solidifies when it’s cold. You can put it in the refrigerator and it should become cloudy and thicken.  If it’s doesn’t then it’s not pure extra virgin.
3-bottle pack Bellucci Premium Olive Oils
Begins February 26
ENDS March 17  @ 12:01 a.m. ET. 
 Open to USA addresses only.
You may not win this same prize from another contest host.
DISCLOSURE: I was provided the 3-bottle pack of Bellucci Premium EVOO to facilitate this review. Opinions and review is solely my own. I was not compensated for the review. Giveaway set of three bottles is provided by Bellucci directly to the winner.


  1. I like that the product comes from small, family-owned farms. I like to support small businesses and feel their products are better. I find it interesting that it was Christopher Columbus who first brought olive oil to North America.

  2. I love that they have organic. I only buy organic these days. I don't like any pesticides, at all!I was interested in the taste testing on the video and the peppery taste at the back of your throat. I use lots of olive oil and find it to be a very healthy alternative.

  3. I learned it is a family business and they take pride in their product.

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  5. They are organic and you can trace the quality!

  6. I did not know Columbus brought Olive Oil to us that is something. I like that they are family operated that means care and quality to me. I hope to win. My son does the shopping now and he is too cheap to buy any Olive Oil!

  7. I love that this olive oil comes from a cooperative of small local growers. Also, the idea that there's an app that can trace where my bottle comes from is just delightful.

  8. It is organic and comes from a small family frowers in italy.

  9. I learned how to make Olive Oil Grapefruit Cake with Dark Chocolate and how to make Farro Salad with Red Bell Pepper Confetti. I found these interesting because I love trying out new recipes. I'll definitely have to try these out!

  10. I like EVOO is hand picked from Italy. I did not know some EVOO are mechanical harvest.

  11. I learned that in Italy each family grows multiple varietals—a traditional, natural method of supporting crop health and preventing blight. I feel this is a super idea. I also think it is wonderful that the quality and flavors unique to each family grove are a source of heartfelt pride.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  12. I learned that they feature recipes on their website. I would especially like to make the Toasted Focaccia Sandwich with Artichoke and Mozzarella. I also found out that they have an app available that allows you to order their product on-the-go. I find that interesting because they do not have a location in my state that sells Bellucci.

  13. The Falciani family produced wine before they began producing Olive oil. I love that there is a long standing family heritage involved in production.

  14. I really like supporting small businesses these days. It makes me feel good. I also recently started using olive oil in all of my cooking needs, I feel it's healthier and so versatile. I use it for making salad dressings and sauteing veggies. Also with today's technology its great that they have a app so you can trace your bottle.

  15. I learned that Raffaello Lippi started his coops to support small farmers in Tuscany. That's a great reason to start a business! And I found a recipe I think I can actually do! The Pork Chops with Italian Green Peppers and Wild Oregano Rub sounds amazing AND achievable!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  16. Thank you for the How to Pin instructions on the entry form! I'm new to Pinterest and didn't know how to do all that.

  17. I learned that this site is offering a 50% off coupon code at this time as well as learned how to taste EVOO by watching their You Tube video.

  18. In addition - I found it very interesting in how to taste EVOO as this is something I never knew before.


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