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The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish (A Christmas Story for Pouty Preschoolers) by Deborah Diesen & illustrated by Dan Hanna [Review & Giveaway]

Ages 2-6 ~ Grades Pre K–1
ISBN 9780374355494
32 pages | $16.99 Hardcover
About the book: The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish holiday sequel to The New York Times bestselling Pout-Pout Fish series reminds young readers what being merry is all about.

The grumpiest fish in children’s literature is back with another case of “the dreary wearies.” This time, Mr. Fish, star of The New York Times bestselling Pout-Pout Fish series, is down in the dumps over holiday shopping. With a message for readers of all ages, The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux Books | Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, Ages 2-6) finds Mr. Fish so consumed with finding that perfect gift for each of his friends that he forgets the true meaning of the holidays.

When Mr. Fish—with his signature Pout-Pout Fish frown—comes up empty-handed, Miss Shimmer intervenes with a plan to make homemade gifts. He soon learns that it’s not about busting the budget or gifting the season’s hottest item, but giving from the heart. Together they experience the joy that comes from giving and sharing—the merriest gifts of all.

My thoughts: This is a cute book that deals with issues of  pouting and values that children need to learn not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. While the focus of this book is about Christmas gift giving, Mr. Fish really needs to learn his lesson about value in gift giving to his friends.
A gift should be big,
And a gift should be bright.
And a gift should be perfect-
Guaranteed to bring delight.
And a gift should have meaning
Plus a bit of bling-zing,
So I’ll shop till I drop
For each just-right thing!”
Really cute illustrations and a good lesson for the young and pouty and, as always, I love the rhyming books for the kids.

While I usually prefer and promote books that focus on the real meaning of Christmas which is faith-based, this is a cute book, good lesson, terrific illustrations and will be a great addition to the school library where it will soon repose.

BONUS 12-CITY BOOK TOUR: You're invited to meet the Pout-Pout Fish author and illustrator during the 12-city book tour, Nov. 14-21.
Author Deborah Diesen
November 14, 3pm - Square Books, Oxford, MS
November 16, 3:30pm - Country Bookshop, Southern Pines, NC
November 18, 4pm - Vero Beach Book Center, Vero Beach, FL
November 19, 7pm - Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, GA
November 20, 4pm - Octavia Books, New Orleans, LA
Illustrator Dan Hanna
November 15, 11am - WORD Books, Jersey City, NJ
November 16, 4pm - Carmichael’s Bookstore, Louisville, KY
November 17, 4:30pm - Towne Book Center & Cafe, Collegeville, PA
November 18, 4:30pm - Cover to Cover, Columbus, OH
November 19, 4:30pm - Lake Forest Books, Lake Forest, IL
November 21, 12pm - Anderson’s Book Shop, Naperville, IL
November 21, 2pm - Anderson’s Book Shop, La Grange, IL
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  1. Poutyness is tricky.Situations call for different tactics.It can be anything from cranky to not getting their way.I always just feel out the situation on how to handle it.As for the value of gift giving,my son(preschool age) & my daughter(toddler almost preschool age) have each other to share with.I tell them to look at the huge smile on the other's face when they share or give a gift.And teach them that that is a way better feeling than having your way or making someone sad.For the most part this does the trick.Although as they get older I know I will have to elaborate more.But in due time :)

  2. If my grandsons are ever pouty, I try to remind them a positive that just recently happened so they don't focus on the negative and get pouty.

  3. It depends why they're pouty. If they're sleepy then I try to get them to take a nap. If they're not getting their way then I try to distract them with something else.

    I think the best way to teach the value in gift giving is to lead by example. Children like to mimic their parents and the people who spend a lot of time with them. So show how happy you are when you give someone a gift or when you get a homemade gift rather than an expensive one. They'll likely follow your lead.

  4. I find that singing usually perks my kids up when they're pouty. If they're really upset, a good nap usually does the trick :)

    The best way to teach the value of gift giving is to do it together! If my kids aren't involved, they won't see why it's important.

  5. I try to help my kids remember times that are happy. I do ask them why they are pouty and we discuss the situation. We show them the pictures of the Operation Christmas Child children who get the shoeboxes and let them help pick out items. That helps with the value of gift giving.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. My kids are all grown now but if my grandkids pout I call there parents to deal with it cos I don't have to any more. :)

  7. This looks really cute! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!


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