Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sprouts Cold Remedy Herbal Supplement #Remedies

I remember a doctor once telling me that at the first sign of a cold or sore throat he would use a dropper full of echinacea on the back of his tongue. He said it works for him to stop the cold at the onset. I've never tried it. Does it work? Who knows, but this is a respected professional in our area. So when I saw the opportunity to try the  Sprouts Cold Remedy, I pursued it.

I awoke the other morning with typical allergy or cold symptoms - runny nose. I used my allergy meds. About four hours later the sore throat kicked in. I thought, well, today is the day to try the Sprouts Cold Remedy  because this seems to be more than allergies. So I used two droppers full of the drops in a teaspoon. I took it straight. A bit strong tasting but I washed it down with a bit of water. So far, 8 hours later I really do feel better. No sore throat. I will repeat this tomorrow and see how things go.

The next day I felt a little cold still so I used the Sprouts Cold Remedy, 2 droppers of it in a couple ounces of water (tastes better this way). On the third day I felt just a bit of cold left, so one more dose of Cold Remedy. Later on day three, I felt as though I had no cold at all.

So either I had a very short lived cold or this helped. Echinacea is suppose to be a good for you herb, so I felt that this is most likely a product that can help and can't hurt.

What I like..... ....

  • Ingredients - See the Echinacea, that is what our local doctor mentioned. Maybe he is on to something!
  • Made in a GMP Certified Facility (Good Manufacturing Practices) means they have demonstrated strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards.
  • Kof k Kosher Certified
  • Simple, easy to understand ingredients.

Product Description (from Sprouts Cold Remedy)

Sprouts Cold Remedy is a blend of herbs containing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help the body resist and kill unwanted foreign substances which prevents the virus from attacking cells. It boosts the immune system and keeps the virus from multiplying. In addition, it helps to loosen and expel phlegm from the lungs; and stimulates circulation and reduces inflammation. For those seeking sore throat remedies, this remedy has been proven to accelerate a healing effect and to alleviate the soreness and irritation within hours.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post.

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