Monday, September 1, 2014

Mary (Get to Know Series - A Biography) By Nancy I. Sanders

ISBN: 9780310744801
About the book: Chosen by God, Mary was more than the mother of Jesus. She was a hero of the Bible. She said “Yes!” to God. Learn about Mary and her exciting place in history. Discover what it was like to grow up in Israel and be a part of Jesus’ life on earth. Mary - part of the Get to Know series - will teach you everything you need to know about this young woman whom God used to do great things!

My thoughts:  Having just reviewed "Paul" in the Getting to Know series, I was looking forward to seeing how the author, Nancy Sanders, brought Mary to life beyond the typical Sunday School literature and handouts. At $7 each, these little books pack a lot of information. Frankly, they are mini-commentaries wrapped in children's storybook format. As the child reads each chapter, they are presented with factoids and indepth information that is still within range for the age intended - 6-10 year olds.

This is not a "cutesie" storybook. It is indeed a reference book designed the young child in mind.  It can entertain,  but I do  not see this as entertainment material. I see this being used during family Bible study time or in the home school setting. There is a virtual plethora of information packed in this book.

The author takes the time period customs and history along with Scripture to flesh out Mary's life. I like that the simple life of a woman in the Bible, though beloved of God and chosen by God to be mother of Jesus, is told for that alone - a Jewish woman in Bible times chosen to be Jesus' mother and the wife of Joseph.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from BookLook Bloggers on behalf of the publisher, ZonderKiz, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own. I received no compensation for this review.

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