Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Memories Present and Past

The unusual winter weather so far for 2013-14 has been much in the news. It has brought devastating conditions in the Midwest, northern plains, Northeast, East Coast, and now in the Deep South. We have seen temperatures pulmuting far below the norms for the area and time. We have seen unprecedented snows in unexpected areas. We have seen storms swoop down from the effects of the Arctic polar vortex and push up from the Gulf and southern coastal waters. It has been hard. It has been cold. It has been trying. It has been a winter to remember.

And as we have memories carved in the recesses of our minds from the weeks and days of winter already experienced this year, it brings memories to mind of long past snowy winters here in middle North Carolina. It brings visions of children out to play in unexpected snows. I see frolicking children building a snowman in front of the picture window for their sibling who could not go out in the snow because of a strep throat and fever.

I see a three year old vainly (yet so funny) trying to get his little tricycle wheels to turn in the snow. Yes, he was stuck just as those Atlanta motorists were just this past week. His wheels simply wouldn't go for him.

I remember my children coming in after being stranded at a shopping center by their ride after a commute of 30 miles from school because conditions were so bad the driver had to leave them for someone else to come get. And someone did.

I remember my teenage son cooking muffins and walking through the snow to take them to an elderly gentleman who lived alone. He just wanted to check on him to be sure he was alright and to share something with him.

I remember my children coming in from an early school closing (again from that school over 30 miles away) on a very snowy day and diving into a piled up plate of donuts I had cooked for them. (Folks, these were the easy "canned biscuit" donuts and I glazed them with a simple glaze.) Talk about happy teens!

I remember when they were young we didn't have the money for snow boots. We simply didn't get enough snow to merit buying them for growing feet. So when it snowed, we used bread bags over their shoes held in place with rubber bands.  They lasted awhile. When their feet got cold, they had to come in.

Yes, here in the south and mid-west and north east there are lots of memories being formed. Memories of being stranded. Memories of someone bringing those stranded something to eat and drink.  Memories of being stuck at school because there was no way home. Memories of teachers and administrators taking care of stranded children. Memories of hot chocolate. Memories of slipping and sliding down hills. Snowball fights. Snowmen.

What memories have you? Treasure them. Be thankful for them.


  1. I remember one year, our dad helped us build a HUMONGOUS snowman & someone from the paper came & took a photo to publish. I was thinking maybe it was the blizzard of '78, but it had to have been earlier than that because I would have been 13 in '78 & in my memory I am a much smaller child helping Dad make that snowman. The thing was gigantic. Dad had to get the ladder out to put the head on top, lol. Some time when I am back in my home town for a visit with my mom, I"ll visit the local library to view the newspaper archives & find the photo.

    I also remember a really bad ice storm one year. We're talking INCHES of ice. I can still see in my mind's eye exactly what our back yard looked like. I'm sure my dad probably took photos but I don't have any of them.

    Personally, I LOVE snow. The more, the better. But, I came into this world during a blizzard. Mom says that when they went to get in the car to go to the hospital, the car doors were frozen shut.

  2. I remember a lot of fun and interesting snow events, I remember when we lived in Adak, Alaska(dad was in Navy) that we used to go sledding on flying saucer sleds and one time I was going up a hill when a wild dog chased me off, later it was discovered that snow as so deep it was called blue snow, that old dog saved my life. I remember when we lived in Adak that they would tie our sleds to the back of crash trucks and pull us around the runways, cause snow closed airport, I also remember many times I would later wake my boys at 4 or 5 am to go out and play in the snow in Altanta, so they could play in the snow and then by 9 am snow was gone. I remember as I was a lot older getting stranded at work because of the snow and hubby also getting stranded when he tried to come and get me. A lot of fun memories and now that I am older and retired, just glad I don't have to go anywhere in the snow...LOL

  3. How rare is snowfall in Savannah, Georgia? We remember the date! December 22, 1989. I lived on Tybee Island. We barely made it over the Lazaretto Creek Bridge before it was closed for two days. Four days later, it was 70 degrees and we were all wearing shorts.


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