Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Hooligan Bear: A Special Day" Book 3 in series by Ian Toynton & illustrated by Andrea Dietrich (Review & Giveaway)

ISBN: 9781601311313
I hate for this to come to a close, but I received the three published books about Hooligan Bear by author Ian Toynton and delightfully illustrated by Andrea Dietrich and I reviewed the first two here on Chat With Vera; and now, as all good things inevitably must do, we have the final review. (But all is not lost, they are Tweeting and Storify-ing Hooligan Bear.)

In Hooligan Bear: A Special Day we see the bears are still living in the deserted building and are settled in on the shelf. They are having so much fun - as friends are wont to do - getting into stuff, being friends with each other, watching Scooter on the skate board and that is where this story begins. Scooter is cavorting on his skateboard and wham-o he gets slammed by a baguette (you know, a loaf of bread). Realizing their good fortune, they perch the bread atop the skateboard to take home for Lenny's birthday. When they arrive "home" they all realize that Little Louie is crying. And the reason is, "I've never had a birthday," he sputtered, "and I don't know what a birthday is."

"Inside the bakery, the Master Baker
was far too busy to see Scooter
suddenly appear outside the window."
Then the wheels of thought in the bears heads begin to spin and they decide that Little Louie needs "A Special Day."  And so the adventure begins. They seek out the bakery and enter clandestinely and retrieve a discarded cupcake. But as you know, only Hooligan Bear and friends can do this in such a delightful way.

Now would we want our own boys and girls to behave this way to achieve a special day for someone? Probably - no, definitely - not. But this is a story. It is far fetched. And the adventure is not the real soul of the story. The real soul of the story is the hearts full of love, friendship, and kindness the bears exhibit for one another. It is about friendship.It is about giving of oneself to another to make something special for them. So I can again recommend a Hooligan Bear  book to each of you - to one and all - as a good read, a delight to behold, and a treasure for the library.
GIVEAWAY: A copy of Hooligan Bear: A Special Day is reserved by the publisher for one of Chat With Vera's readers.Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Have fun and here is hoping that there will be many special days in your life and that of those you love. Begins September 26 & ENDS October 15 @ 12:01 a.m. ET. Open for US mainland addresses only.
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  1. I won the first Hooligan bear book set and was very impressed. I received 3 books including this one. They were nice stories and well illustrated. We read these books at bedtime as the stories are short and there is a light mystery to the story line.

    1. Ahhhh.... wasn't that a NICE SURPRISE! A real perk! However, the giveaway is really just for a copy of this book. Don't know if the winner will receive any more than it. Sometimes we just get a bit extra given out to us - and what a blessing!

  2. My grandmother gave me a teddy bear as a small child. I slept with it & even took it to college with me. My son, who is now 15, adopted her when he was little. When his baby sister came along 3 years ago, he passed our Tessa bear on to his sister.

  3. I believe a teddy bear can be a special companion. They are soft and fluffy. A child can tell them their secrets or feelings and know it will not be told to anyone else. Also,they can love this bear and feel that this bear loves them unconditionally.
    Barbara Thompson

  4. Hello Vera. This looks like a cute book for my Great granddaughter who is 4 yr. old. I would love to win it for her birthday. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  5. I used a teddy bear as a security blanket until I was too embarrassed to let it be known. Numerous times my family searched for my misplaced teddy - in a dark movie theatre, in the garden at night - with flashlights, etc.. I carried it until it was nothing more than a piece of cloth - which my father eventually nailed up inside the wall of a rental house he built.

  6. I would love to win this for a dear friend of mine who is expecting a baby soon. And she also babysits. I think this would be a great nap time and bedtime story for her to read to them.

  7. I have always loved teddy bears. I even have one on my bed now! To me they represent cuddle time!

  8. I love the illustrations in this book. Can't wait to get a peek at the first two. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop! Cheryl, Hop Hostess

  9. My son's name is Ty. He received a "Ty" teddy bear when he was small before the
    "Ty" beanie baby craze. He had to have surgery and his Ty bear went to the hospital with him and was a great comfort. Ty is 30 now and we still have the bear.
    Kathy Davis


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