Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cascadian Farm Produces and Uses First-Ever Renewable Plant Sources Liner for its Cereal Box

There is a lot of concern about the packaging our products are stuffed into. Plastic bags. Boxes made of plastic or heavily coated with plastic. And on and on. These products are filling our landfills with materials that simply don't breakdown safely (or at all) into the ground. So what are conscientious corporations doing about it?

The Cascadian Farm Organic folks have set the stage for new packaging. See what The Wall Street Journal has to say - just CLICK HERE.  "Cascadian Farm(R) Goes Green with the First-Ever Cereal Box Liner Made from Renewable Plant Sources" - WOW! That is fantastic. But exactly what does that mean?
"Packaging and sustainability experts at Cascadian Farm developed the plant-based liner with the help of leading sustainable packaging developers. The plant-based liner is a key initiative by the brand to utilize renewable resources. Using plant-based resources that can quickly and naturally be replenished allows the Cascadian Farm brand to take a large step towards being as closely aligned as possible with the land."
It means each time you toss that liner in the trash, it will help preserve our natural resources. The liner of their Cinnamon Crunch cereal is made of up to 57% bio-based material. They are transitioning the bags inside their cereal cartons to those composed of biological or renewable resources.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided information on this cereal box liner from  Cascadian farm and further investigated the product online. I have quoted directly from the Wall Street Journal as it appear online (see link above).

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