Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"America's Lost Dream" by Tom Dooley & illustrated by Bill Looney

About the book:  Throughout this nation's history, many of its greatest leaders believed that America's future was inextricably linked to America's faith in God. This mighty nation, now known as The United States of America, was born from the dream of people who envisioned a sovereign state where people could be free and only God would be their king.

This dream of “One Nation Under God” would mean freedom from the rule of human monarchs and tyrants, but would also extol a large price for these original “founders” of this great country. Nothing short of a miracle, the dream prevailed and this new nation came to be. But slowly, a long season of spiritual apathy crept over the land like a fog. The dream was forgotten and the nation's relationship with benevolent God extinguished.

This intriguing and artful book will re-awaken the original dream within the hearts of young and old alike. Filled cover to cover with exquisite artwork depicting the original scenes, along with in-depth historical facts woven throughout, this book will enlighten and educate all to the wonderful and rich history of this “One Nation Under God.”

My thoughts:  Being a some-what history buff, this little book was a pleasure and privilege to read.  It might be considered a children's book and as such would give a brief lesson in the struggles over the years that America has gone through to pursue its dream of freedom.  But it might also be considered a "coffee table" book in that it is pretty, has nice pictures, and easy to read text.  But my take is that it is simply a good book.  A book that addresses the beginning journey toward the dream of freedom for a people oppressed because of their religious beliefs.  But the book takes us on into the future with the dream for America and that is that "the timeless principals of faith in God and love of country and our fellow man. People with strong faith make good citizens..... We need national leaders who will call us back to the dream." 

From the opening pages where William Brewster drafted the Mayflower Compact to settle the differences of those aboard the Mayflower prior to going ashore to settle the land and on to the continued war with England and the battle in 1814 at Ft. McHenry where the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner moved Francis Scott Key to pen the words to our National Anthem. Then through the Civil War where one race fought to free another race from the chains and bonds of slavery and on to the infamous 9/11 tragedy that befell our Nation.  The story of the American dream of freedom has moved on, and what has moved it has been the feet, lives, words, and faith of the people.

I heartily recommend this little book for libraries (home, public, and school) and for people of all ages to read.  True there is a strong Christian emphasis in the book but it speaks to the freedom of the American people and how it was won for each of us.  

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of America's Lost Dream from New Leaf Publishers in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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